One of the things I picked up from the Twitter stream from #MBuzz last week was the reaction from some recruiters  that “crappy” applicants didn’t deserve any kind of acknowledgment because they had the audacity to apply for a job they were completely unsuitable for. How dare they waste a recruiter’s time.
I was thinking about this today when I received 5 consecutive e-mails all offering to post my jobs further and wider, to more and more free job boards at no cost to me, and then to the aggregators. They all had social features so that I can spam my jobs in to the various streams, and one that even automates this for all my employees at regular intervals. Post and pray and pray and spray.

The big benefit sold to me was that I could get more and more applicants, the assumption being that the more response I got, the better the chance I got the right candidate in the end. A pure numbers game.

I commented about this on Facebook, and it seems I’m not alone in thinking this. One of the problems is that many recruiters judge the success of their job postings by the volume of the response they get, not the quality of that response. Third party recruiters hide any identifying client information from ads, scared of the competition. Digital marketers fear posting anything but positive branding content, in fear that this will put people off and stop them from replying. Ads are badly written with only the basic information. Qualifiers are kept as wide as possible. Keep feeding the pipeline, pump in more, and more, and more.

Here is the problem. The more people you have in the system, the less time recruiters have to identify the gems or offer any kind of candidate experience, seeing some as not even worth an acknowledgment. Time to turn this on its head. You should be working on getting less response, not more. The more authentic your culture brand content, telling the real story, the more people you are going to put off because they don’t fit in with your values or culture. That is a great thing. We should be selective in where we are posting and sharing, what we are posting and sharing, and who too. Really looking to cut down the volume, allowing more time or selection and candidate experience. More time for actual recruiting and less time on the sifting and hiding.

Next weeks Colleague #HangOut on Tuesday is going to cover the Agency Candidate Experience. Attraction is going to be a big part o the conversation. Sign up for the community to join in the conversation, because less really is more!