If you’ve read my posts recently on the Hard Rock Firenze recruiting project, you will know that the Work4Us tab played a big part in driving 4000 applications over a 2 week period via the fan wall. The simplicity of the application process makes it a great add-on to a fanpage to convert it in to a career site on Facebook. When candidates review an individual job they also get a listing of similar jobs from the same company,increasing applications. Job seekers also like it because you don’t need to join or like it, show anything on your wall or share any other part of your personal profile other than your contact details..

My one concern for the future use of this and other similar apps is the ease with which jobs can be shared in to the stream. I believe users attitudes to indiscriminate posts on their wall or in their stream will lead to a blocking of accounts.Think BranchOut, and the first thing that comes to mind is spam and uninvited wall posts. Applications in this space need to come up with something different to win user confidence.

The new feature, which comes available from today,works in a similar way to Linked In Jobs Insider in that potential candidates who review jobs also get to see recommended fans from Facebook whose profile match the requirements of the job, as well as LinkedIn connections, based on skills and experience. The difference with the Work4Labs app is that messages aren’t posted to your wall,they are delivered as a private message one-to-one from a friend. Although the new feature is labeled a referral recruiting tool,I see it as more a personalised job sharing tool, but we shouldn’t underestimate the potential of personalised sharing between friends and contacts. The fact that it matches from LinkedIn and Facebook also sets it apart.

You can see how the app works on the L’Oreal Talent Recruitment fan page. At the bottom of the job spec you get the choice to see friends who would be perfect for the job. To activate the feature you need to give permission to access your profile and import your friends from LinkedIn. You only need to do this once, then the feature is live whenever you want to use it. It’s quick and simple, and you get your recommendations,with either a standard message or a free-text field to send to friends who match the spec.

With 6000 companies using the work4us tab,and over 250,000 jobs posted over the last year,Work4  the number one Facebook application of choice.  Having spoken to Sales Director Matt Brown about some of the other developments that will be coming out of Work4Labs in the coming months, I expect this app to continue to lead the field.