What are we called then?

This blog is written for H.R. Carnival. Those of you who are not familiar with the carnival, it’s a great concept started by @Beneubanks. The idea is that every few weeks there is a new host who reviews H.R. related blogs on mass and provides a great learning library. I hosted quite a few months back with my first ever hosted blog attempt. (It shows.) And it was recently hosted by @JonIngham from the U.K. Aside from that i’m not sure when it has last been posted this side of the pond. In the interest of giving more exposure to U.K. bloggers why not volunteer? you will find some great material in the process.

This eddition is being hosted by @MikeVanDervort who is attempting to review 100 blogs and is making a donation to nominated charities in return for submissions. The charity I support is Round Table Children’s Wish. A great charity that provides wishes for terminally ill children. Thanks’ Mike for a great idea. The question in hand:

Where do I live again?

 I’m a little bit confused because my community keeps changing. Not the physical one I live in, but the places I hang out on line, the people I talk to and the networks I take an active part in. The Recruiting Unconference London reflected this new community. 1/3rd of the attendees were Recruiters, 1/3rd Corporate Recruiters and H.R and the final 1/3rd consisted of technology vendors, consultants and job boards. This kind of split would be a fair reflection of my on-line networks, and I’m sure many are thinking the same. (Or am i the only odd one that doesn’t quite fit?).

Historically, these networks (other than where there is a commercial interest) would have rather have crossed the road rather than be seen on the same street. The positive impacts of social media and personal branding has been a complete breakdown of these barriers and borders between disciplines. I’m sure this is because you get to know the person first before you find out too closely what they do. As someone who has traditionally been very much a third-party recruiter, I have probably communicated with more H.R. professionals over the last 6 months than I have in the preceding 26 years on anything other than a sales basis.

This convergence of expertise, knowledge and individual focus can only be a good thing. It has certainly changed my outlook and thinking in some areas considerably, and I hope I have made my own contributions to the neighboring professional networks. I’m really looking forward to openly sharing in the future, much as we did at the unconference , without fear or suspicion between disciplines. We might have different objectives but we face many of the same issues and challenges and collectively we can find the best way to move recruiting forward for the benefit of all.

We are all now one community combined (tagged Social Human Convergence at #trulondon).

The challenge for me is to find new ways to collaborate and put this combined expertise to good use. I’m sure between us we can prove to be quite a force to human related problems, particularly when you consider that the opinions are global.

Have a look at who is posting in the carnival. Not traditional H.R.

Keep being ambassadors.