Kevin Wheeler is showing how more and more work is being done on-line and through social media. Macey’s dept store in the states have seen their on-line spend grow by 120% this year, and they weren’t expecting it. As more and more people are moving on-line, so it will become the only destination for recruiting. social is becoming a normal way of life.
Wheeler cites Rypple as a great example of human resources and performance management moving on-line through collaboration. Checkster offers 360 degree sourcing for referrals and peer reviews at sourcing stage.
Hunch (just acquired by e-bay) personalises the internet, asking questions to build a personalised profile. Hunch delivers products according to the profile. The same technology could be used in recruiting.
Flipboard for i-pad personalises news and content. It would be possible to deliver employer branding content and jobs in the same way. I’ve heard Felix Wetzel of Jobsite UK talk about how close this is to reality on their job board. Kevin talked about a virtual agency that include screening and testing entirely on-line. The reduced cost of delivery enables them to be competitive.
Social data is becoming portable. 2012 will become the year for analytics, as all the major technology vendors have acquired analytics businesses over the last year. Real time analytics and measurement is becoming a key feature of recruiting.
Kevin’s predictions:

Small, targeted social communities will replace aggregated ones.
Analytics will be used to understand candidates and personalise messaging.

social media is about Authenticity, Access and Answers. More and more candidates will be expecting this over the years ahead.
I hope Kevin’s view of the future becomes reality.