I’m in Melbourne and sitting in on Glen Cathey’s session. Unusually, I came in at the start. I’ve always been a big Boolean Blackbelt fan. It’s like a bible for recruiters interested in internet sourcing. Glen’s talking about his background and what he does. He is talking in a unasuming way, but there are lots of wow moments.
Then Glen said something I’d never thought of before, and it explains why Glen stands out and gets the results that he does. Remember, in Glens first year he made 72 hires even in the pre-internet days.
In amongst the boolean strings and all the other wizardry he is showing people, to sharp gasps from the audience, he made a statement:

I’m not a sourcer.

I’d always thought of Glen as the ultimate sourcer. I was asked for a definition of a sourcer recently. my answer was that sourcers are hunters and recruiters are gatherers. The sourcers find the people, and most searches are quite easy, the difficult bit is in the human transaction, converting the names found in to candidates and then to hires.
Glen Cathey is a recruiter, not a sourcer. He finds people in the quickest possible way, and then he contacts them, converting some in to candidates and ultimately in to hires. The time-consuming, difficult bit is in this last stage.
Cathey’s view is that nobody pays me for sourcing or finding names. I get paid for hires. Taking this approach means he sources in the quickest possible way, and has not been seduced in to trying to forecast future needs. He concerns himself with needs now, sources at point of requirement , and then matches people to sell the opportunity. The key is speed, and using technology to do this first stage quicker and more effectively than anyone else.
My view on Glen has changed, perhaps he isn’t one of the worlds best sourcers, he is actually one of the worlds best recruiters who has mastered the art of finding people on the internet, and then sifting quickly, reading signs from on-line behaviours to get the people most likely to be hired. Perhaps this is because his background and training in psychology rather than technology, and it is his understanding of people that make him great.
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