Most Sundays I join in with #blogchat. If you’re in my twitter stream, it goes out at 2.00a.m. and although it’s scheduled for an hour, can go on from anything up to 2 hours more. Despite the time, I feel as if I’ve been to blogging college, and hope it is reflected in my blogs.

Some Sundays there can be as many as 500 contributors, and quite a few who genuinely deserve the term experts. Even if you are not around, and even if you’re not a regular blogger, you should check out the #blogchat twitter stream or download the transcript from www.WTHashtag.Com. It is well worth a read.

Kudos to chat organiser and super blogger, @Mackcollier, who has a real willingness to share advice and answer the many @ messages.

The most recent lessons I want to share are:

1: Keep the blog clean and easy to read with an uncluttered side bar that makes it easy to connect.

2: Put an e-mail subscription widget at the top. This makes it simple for readers to subscribe. (mine are going up rapidly!)

3: Post either your latest posts or your most popular posts at the top of your sidebar. Attract readers to look around at past posts.

4: Use analytics to monitor page visits, bounce time (how long they stay), average posts looked at and subscribers. I use Alexa for this and have installed the toolbar that enables me to look at the stats on other blogs and benchmark. The stats do tell you a story.

5: Use extra-pages and drop downs to promote what you do. (You need a theme that allows this.) I have separated “About The recruiting Unblog” and “About @BillBoorman” and have increased the visits to these pages and enquiries for my services.

6: Sounds simple, but make posts easy to share with easy to find buttons. If your theme does not support the new WordPress share buttons, Add This is easy to install.

7: I’ve started registering my blog in the blog directories and it is driving relevent traffic. In a few, I’m the only recruiting/HR blog and this is driving new traffic.

8: I’m getting less random and more focussed in my posts. You would be the best people to give me feedback on if this is working.

9: Despite my early reservations, I’m trying to work to a posting schedule and get more consistent. Although I’ve not quite got the discipline in place yet, this will lead to posts being expected and build readership, and less reliant on driving traffic purely through social media.

10: Don’t need to say it, but unless the content is right, points 1 – 9 won’t make any difference what so ever. please let me know your views on my recent content, and just what you would like to see more of.

Keep being Ambassadors,


PS: I’ve moved all links to the end of the post. I suggest you do the same or you run the risk of readers dropping off half way through a post!

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