I was sent a link this week from @JeffreyTMoore, about how Google students have started broadcasting live hang outs on Google+. Jeff is a lead recruiter for the engineering team on the East Coast, for Google. I got to spend some time with him when he came to #truBoston, when we were trying to work out how the new channel Google+ might work for recruiting. Whilst being able to segment followers in to circles, it was the concept of hang outs that we got most excited about.
Jump forward 6 months, as the channel is starting to take shape, and Jeff has launched a weekly broadcast to connect with the students who could form the future in-take. Students leave questions on the moderation page, and Jeff acts as host posing the questions for the Google students to answer. As well as students, Moore has hosted hangouts for recruiters to advise job seekers in areas like technical interviews and resume writing, as well as Engineers in Google The hangouts are recorded and posted to YouTube, where they are attracting additional views.
The first company to really use students, live broadcast and U-Stream and Facebook was Deloitte Grads in NZ. This was new, and innovative, and led to some great results, both in terms of hiring and candidate perception. Combined with other social media activity, Deloitte became cool. The project was led by head of recruiting in New Zealand, Richard Long, and was put together by Consultant and Community DJ, Paul Jacobs.(No stranger to #tru or this blog.). Google+ hangouts are an extension of this. They have a different feel, more like a broadcast Skype call, that I’m sure will resonate with viewers. Google+ also enables multiple contributors in different locations to take part. Viewers can join the circles behind the hang out, in order to connect with Google recruiters, or the employees who have appeared in the broadcast. Unlike Livestream or similar products, it’s also free to use.

Since the introduction of branded pages, the potential to combine hang outs with other Google+ features has really opened up. Find people on + is now incorporated in to the main interface, making searching and sourcing easy. This makes messaging invites to join a hang out a great option, then inviting the viewers in to a dedicated circle, where you can continue to share targeted content. Because it’s a new channel, there’s also no conflict with personal/business space as with Facebook. I’m now coming round to the prospect of Google+ as a recruiting channel, and I’m sure the developers are working on new apps that will make this even easier.

If Google can do it, why can’t you?


BTW: Heres the Google+ Students Page , there’s over 42,000 connections, and a few of the episodes:

Deloitte Grads

Jefferey T Moore