Jonathan Campbell (@recruiterblog) here from Social Talent; Bill kindly asked us to share our free weekly recruiting webinars on this Blog so here is the video of yesterday’s 30 minute presentation on Using Video in Recruitment.    Here’s what it’s all about:

Advertisers and Marketeers have predicted that video is the future of the web and there are already several recruitment specific video products on the market.  We examine video from a recruiters perspective and uncover some great, often free tools for sourcing, screening, branding and engagement.
  • Video CVs: Where are they?
  • Video Interviewing
  • Sourcing on Video Sites
  • Branding with Video
  • Video Apps
The video is password protected as our Weekly Webinars are usually only free if you watch them live but readers of this blog can watch it for free using this password: 3hg4f19bd3

Our next free webinar is on Wednesday 18th May and is entitled “There’s more to X-Ray Search than LinkedIn”.

Here’s what it is all about:

Do you know how to search LinkedIn “through the back door”? It’s called X-Ray search, and it can give you access to nearly 90% of the LinkedIn database for free!

Did you know that you can X-Ray search hundreds of other social media sites?

In this 30 minute Webinar, we will show you how to find candidates on Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress, Blogger, Quora, Skype, Pipl, Naymz, Xing and Viadeo (and that’s just for starters).

If you are a recruiter (and we assume you are, if you’re reading this), then you can’t afford to miss this free Webinar.

Register for free here or check out some of our other webinars here.