U.P.S. measure everything. they measure everything and attach a cash spend to it. this is a big brother in a good way. measuring to identify, tweak and get it right.
Their social story started in 2008 when they cut their advertising budget. the economy meant they eliminated it. to support their hiring effort, they posted 8 video’s on YouTube to talk about the typical roles they hired for. Through this initiative, they were able to maintain their staffing levels. this convinced them to move recruiting efforts to social,
working with Mike Vangell, from TMP, they have built their hiring effort from traditional means over to a much greater emphasis on communities within Facebook and twitter.
the opening point that stands out is that any candidate applying through social is given priority for engagement. As soon as anyone who signs in from Facebook or twitter, the recruiters get a notification that they need to respond via the social media channel to acknowledge the application and to give a realistic timescale for response. this simple act of what could be considered decent, drove their campaigns viral, with people commenting how refreshing it is.
social recruiting is not free. Time costs money, and UPS recognised this, switching previous advertising spend over to resources to run the team.
the UPS twitter goals were 1,000 tweets/200 leads/100 apps/50 lists/25 completed apps/10 hires.
the results at the end of 2009 was 1,313 followers/574 tweets/481 leads/142 applications/40 completed apps/7 hires/12 FB hires/

The Facebook page was launched in October 2009.
in 2010, this had been so succesful, that UPS removed all paid media, driving campaigns entirely via social. this has been further enhanced with the launch of a cross-channel mobile platform. in 2010, the twitter following grew from 1,000 to 4,000. at the same time they dropped the strategy of auto-follow back,this cleaned up their feed. the Facebook fans grew from 13,647 to 25,000.
in terms of results UPS created a total of 13,480 applications, 4,467 app completed, 1,607 interviews and 955 hires. professional hiring is done through linkedIn and is not included in these stats.
In 2011 UPS launched a mobile friendly site that included the opportunity to apply for jobs direct from mobile. within 4 months they recieved over 50,000 views and had completed 600 hires.social and mobile are natural bedfellows..
the careersite features a social center with live feeds from all the social places.
the latest exciting initiative is a competition to win up to $2,000 on a road trip sweepstake. to take part, competitors need to view the 12 employer brand videos on the site and answer questions. This has driven engagement on the page virally. while some might question how relevant traffic might be driven by the competition. Interestingly, applications are up by the same proportion. It’s really working.
I love the way UPS use analytics to measure everything and make informed decisions. they’ve built slowly and steadily, and built up to making social the main source of hire. I’m going to go away and think more about the best way to measure everything, and more importantly, once you’ve measured it, how to actually do something with what the data is telling me.