Jobsite are fantastic partners and friends to #trulondon, having backed us from the begining, long before we had any real following or could offer a real return. I first met the founder @KeithPotts on twitter and we exchanged tweets. It’s a real social media success story. When we were planning #trulondon2, Keith introduced me to marketing director Felix Wetzel, and a great partnership began. Since then jobsite have been platinum sponsor for #trulondon 3, #trulondon 2, #truNora and #truManchester. I thank them for their belief in my vision and their support in turning it in to reality.

Aside to the sponsorship, the real value in the relationshiphas been felix’s willingness to share Jobsite data and research, giving a great view in to what really happens on-line, job seeker opinions and behaviour. From this round of tracks involving Felix and Jobsite, 3 points really stand out for me.

1: 35% of job seekers register with one job-board only, Thats a real battle for job seekers amongst job boards, and explains the increased spend in television advertising amongst UK job boards. It also demonstrates that job seekers are becoming more discerning. While they see a job board as a natural destination,they don’t want to spread themselves too thin with multiple destinations.

2: Job seekers search for jobs by location, recruiters search for candidates by sector. Theres a disparity here that must have an impact on results. Recruiters need to search for candidates the way they search for jobs. This means searching by location and skills rather than sector, with proximity of work being a major attraction when selling opportunities and job specs should highlight this. This also offers great opportunities for data location maps. Dynamic maps from MapThat, similar to those built for #trulondon that overlays data like jobs or candidates on maps.

3: Users on-line behaviour is tracked and collected for data like visits, searches and bounce rate. This enables content suppliers (like job boards), to tailor content to the user according to interest and target on-line teasers like ads and links. It won’t be too long in the future when users will have tailored places on log in.In the media, this will mean each user sees the news for areas of interest. If you always look at the sports results and news first or longest, when you log in you automatically get these sections coming up first, in what is essentially a sports paper. Another reader might have no interest in sport but always read the politics sections, they get the politics without the content. Going beyond this, content can be further broken down to specific interest. If you read the football but not the darts, that’s what you get! Theres no settings or pick-lists to set up to determine your space, its dictated by your on-line behaviour. The prospect for job seekers to have personal areas on log-in that shows only the content by preference without the need to search. This technology is here now, and it won’t be too long before it becomes a regular feature!

Thanks again to Jobsite for sharing. If you want any of the reports, and they are very willing to share, connect with @FelixWetzel and ask. They will be more than happy to give you the links, whoever you are. Bill