The rich melting pot of sourcing and the future role of Talent Pools

As candidate sourcing channels proliferate, a blended approach is the only viable solution.

When asked the best place to find IT candidates – there can only be one answer: It depends on the role. You only need to consider the gulf in approach needed to hire a Perl developer compared to a Product Manager to appreciate this point. The first requires strong existing relationships and networks in a relatively narrow development domain and a use of niche community sites, the other requires proactive search within mainstream professional networks.

If we accept that no one size fits all then the challenge is clear: How do we incorporate these disparate channels and techniques into a cohesive solution and how do we capture the winning formula to impart on others?

Given the real-time nature of online communities – has the concept of the Talent Pool had its day before we even got to grips with it? Quite the opposite is true.

The reason talent pools have never gained real traction is the fact that they never reflected human nature; they were abstract concepts with ageing information and no representation of relationships. Online profiling and user centric data models have brought effective Talent Pools within our reach.

The future of Talent Pools looks positive and will differ between Employers and Staffing: Talent community for corporate and Talent connections for staffing. How will these concepts play out in reality?