With only one day left till the #tru carnival hits Leeds we thought we’d show you some of the great entries we received as part of our #trugrad competition.  Building on the success of #trugrad at #trulondon we wanted to invite graduates to join in the fun at #truleeds.  It’s a great way for grads and recruiters to come together and share their experiences of the graduate job market.  Will they agree? Probably not on everything but it’s an opportunity for us all to learn and see what things we can do differently in the future. Great debate ensued between the #trugrads and recruiters at #trulondon so we can’t wait to see what will happen at #truleeds.

Graduates Yorkshire put out a competition this week for graduates living, working and studying in Yorkshire to be in with a chance of winning tickets to #truleeds.  All the grads had to do was answer one simple question  ‘Why do you think you should win a ticket to #truleeds?’

Here are just some of the answers… Meet the new #trugrad team:

Salahedin Rehan Sarria:

“I am a Spanish citizen who has just graduated from The University of Bradford. I took a Mobile Computing Msc course and despite all the difficulties faced such as dealing with a new environment, new language, and being totally independent I was awarded the Master degree with Distinction as well as the award of “Best student of the year”. I also managed to break the highest mark record in some modules. I am a first class student, hard worker, self-motivated person with a brief experience in Micro controller programming and different programming languages such as Java. It would be much appreciated if I would win one of the free tickets available.”

Jason Mulholland:

“As someone who is looking to break into a career in the Recruitment/Headhunting space, this event would provide me with the opportunity to gain a unique networking and contact-building experience that would enable me to gain not only an insight into the industry, but possibly avenues for entry as well.”

Alex Davies:

“I believe I should attend the event for free as I believe I would truly benefit from the experience! I graduated two years ago and I’m still struggling to take my first step onto the graduate career ladder. I am currently self funding a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing in an attempt to enhance my employability.”

Keren Hargrave:

“I would really like to be considered for the two #TruLeeds tickets as I have never been to an unconference before and it sounds fascinating!

I am currently a business student due to graduate next year and would love to learn more about my interests (social media, digital media and branding) and get my viewpoint across as a future graduate.”

Neale Long:

“I think I should be able to attend for free because….I’m drowning in customer service and call advisor roles, anchored to my 2.2- I feel I have a lot of potential, and I’ve taken my first tentative steps towards a career in digital media. I’ve gained access to an internship and a brace of work shadowing positions, and I’m always looking for opportunities to learn and meet people who can share their knowledge and insight with me. While I am motivated to working, and making my own discoveries I truly value the input of professionals and practitioners, and I particularly enjoy the unconference format, having attended several in Liverpool in the past few months. I am looking to apply for a position on a Digital Arts and Media MA in 2012, and I feel I would benefit greatly from the resources available at the #TruLeeds unconference.”

Eva Barabas:

“Hello, my name is Eva and I am a masters student at Sheffield University and I am all about the unusual ways of doing things. From going to South Korea to teach English for 2 years and then coming to England to do an MSc in Advanced Software Engineering.  From wanting to be a developer in a group project to be made into the Team Leader for the Quality Engineering team and from not picking a dissertation topic from the crowd to actively seeking a local software company to give me a worth while project for the summer which will be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

P.S. Yorkshire rules! (Be Strong and Northern :))

Well we wouldn’t want to disagree with Eva! Make sure you’re joining in with #truleeds this Thursday and Friday!


Graduates Yorkshire