I’m really excited about the next instalment of #trulondon, which has the makings of our best event ever. With 50 tracks and 48 track leaders, it is packed end to end with great conversations, from the first track at 10.00 Wednesday morning, through to 5.00 on Thursday evening.

Aside from the conversation, there’s plenty more going on during the event. Wednesday 22′nd will feature a full day of livestream broadcasting from the Jobsite studio, with interviews and panel chats from many of the track leaders and participants on a whole range of issues. You can follow the livestream, twitter feed, flikkr feed and all other content on the #TruLondon5 site, brought to you by our friends and sponsors Jobsite. You can find the dedicated site HERE.

New for this year we have added a livelab, which is going to be a bit of a hack to build a model career site over the 2 days of the event. The idea is that each hour will feature a different planning topic which anyone can contribute to, followed by builds by trying to turn the concepts in to a working model. At the end of the event we hope to have a model site which will be available for anyone to see and benchmark their own site against. It’s quite a challenge, but I’m sure we can do it.

The areas we think we are going to be looking at, which is open to change according to your opinions, are outlined below:

TruLondon – Career Websites Lab -Applying science to define the ideal career website

The Brief – Day 1

  1. Defining a career website
    1. TruCareers – The Tru career website
    2. Who is it for employer or candidate
    3. What is it – a job board, an information platform, a community platform, gateway to the ATS
    4. Defining the audience
      1. Active job seekers, semi active, inactive
      2. The visitor personas
      3. Where do they hang out, what do they use: Search engines, social, job boards, offline, mobile
      4. What should a career website contain
        1. Brainstorming functionality and content
        2. What is most important
          1. Defining what is important for the individual personas
          2. Scoring functionality and content
          3. Defining the wireframe structure
            1. Defining the user journey and what they need to see/access
            2. Defining the Home Page
            3. Defining a Job Family Page
            4. Defining the wireframe structure
              1. Defining a Page focussed at an active jobseeker
              2. Defining a Page focussed on a less active job seeker

Build the wireframe before day 2

  1. Presenting the prototype
    1. Feedback
    2. What would you change – why
    3. The candidate experience
      1. Expectations low or high
      2. Employer requirements, volume, filtering, prescreening
      3. Using channels
        1. Content via Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs etc
        2. Do you stay in channel or direct to career platform
        3. Capturing information, how do we…
          1. Register (LinkedIn, Quick Apply, CV Parsing, iProfile)
          2. Follow
          3. Express interest
          4. Apply
          5. Mobile
          6. Continuing the engagement, linking with other platforms
            1. ATS
            2. Talent Community
            3. CRM

The livelab will be facilitated by David Johnston of 4MAT. Should be a very interesting two days.

Wednesday evening will feature 2 events. 6.00 – 8.00 in the downstairs area will host the Mashable Meetup, “Lets talk tech-london”, for anyone with any talk left in them. These meetups are happening across the world, with a total of 1,529 events happening around the world, making #tru a part of the wider tech community. You can find the details and register for the meetup HERE.

The main event of course is #trulondon.

You can view and download your own copy of the schedule HERE

As this is an unconference, tracks will be subject to change. To make things easier, we will be announcing the tracks that are going on each hour in the main room. There will also be a help desk near to the entrance if you need any help or direction.

Thanks once again must go to our sponsors who keep making #trulondon possible. Let the conversation start!


BTW: There’s 3 tickets left,. Get 1 while you can!

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