Keith Robinson, @SiteAdvisor is addressing the afternoon session of the conference, which has now switched to an audience of agency recruiters. Robinson is a partner in Cardiff business Ecom Digital, who produce content for a variety of media. He opens with the statement:

“The war is for ownership of talent and the candidate won!”

The flood of content on-line aimed at candidates has made them more switched on and in tune with what they need to do to get a jobv than ever before, and this challenges the position of the recruitment company. The job boards want to resell candidates direct to recruiters and employers at the same time. Recruitment companies want to resell candidates to direct employers, but the biggest change is the growth of in-house recruitment professional, who want the talent to come direct to them.
Robinson feels the big challenge facing recruiters is to engage with talent in a crowded space. Robinson feels that it is the in-house recruiters, rather than agencies who are investing in technology, people and time more than their agency counterparts, because in-house are setting up, whilst agencies are considering reinventing.
Engagement starts on a career or website. the first destination for most people, along with the social channels. Advertising and job posts as a first means of attraction. are recruitment agencies failing in this area?
Robinson talks about the need for candidate relationship management, considering a constant cleanse of the database by content marketing using wordpress hosting. Small pieces of relevant content sent on a regular basis, whilst monitoring the bounce rate and returns to keep things clean.
this starts by defining your objective by understanding your audience and understanding where they are. where marketeers say audience, recruiters say candidates, and this brings a different attitude and approach. You need to know the best channels to reach them, and the places they respond to best. This doesn’t mean you have to solely create your own content, there is an equal opportunity to curate the work of others and share. being analytical a your market means that you can share at the best time in the best place. Robinson recommends mixing up content format from video, to text, to sound, and being ready to collect it anywhere and at any time. The iPhone makes this a real reality.Sharing this content constantly, makes you the go to guy for clients and candidates because people want to go to people they know when they have a need. If you work in a technical space, make your content very technical, this cuts out the noise.
Robinson closes with the statement that we all have the opportunity to be publishers, and to get some Google love. Your e-mail database is your most valuable resource as long as you care for it. The future recruiter is dependent on mastering this.
Good news from an industry veteran.