I’ve been a big fan of hack days since I visited Facebook last year. It is amazing how creative and resourceful people can be when you give them a challenge and opportunity. I have been integrating hack days for recruiting with a few of my clients. Create the right environment and challenge and it is a great way to attract potential engineers and see how they think and work. So much more effective than anything you are going to get out of a one or two hour interview. Auditioning for work over interviewing produces much better opportunity to asses capability, fit, creativity and how people will work.
I have been thinking for a while about how we might be able to harness the knowledge and energy of the #tru events for good in the recruitment marketplace, particularly around the area of candidate experience. Technology is only a part of the generally bad experience dolled out to potential employees, but it is something that can be fixed when technology companies start looking at things through a job seekers eyes rather than purely the hiring companies who pay their bills, and hiring companies should start demanding it. Applying for a job or just expressing interest needs to be an experience rather than a process.
For #TruLondon we will be harnessing the power and creativity of the hack, and the desire to improve the lot of the candidate by running a 24 hour hack competition. Entry is open to teams of 3 from any company who want to take part. There will be a hack lab at the venue for live hacking, though entry is open to any team anywhere in the world who want to take part and contribute via google hangout. Judging will take place by panel at 2 PM GMT on the 23′rd October.
If you are interested in taking part with a team, please complete the attached form and we will forward the details of how to take part.
Lets make a difference, and may the best team win.