We are just 2 weeks away from #trulondon6, and there’s only 30 tickets left. I’m delighted to announce that the founder of Stack Overflow Joel Spolsky is flying over specially for the event, and will be closing out Monday 22′nd with an open discussion on communities. This is Joel’s bio:

Joel Spolsky, founder and CEO of Stack Exchange, is a globally recognized expert on software development. His websiteJoel on Software is popular with programmers around the world. In 2000, he founded his first company, Fog Creek Software, which creates project management tools for software developers and most recently launched a group project management sharing tool, Trello. Prior to this, Joel worked at Microsoft, where he designed VBA as a member of the Excel team, and at Juno Online Services, where he developed an Internet client used by millions. He has written three books, including Smart and Gets Things Done: Joel Spolsky’s Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent (Apress, 2007) and worked as a contributing editor for Inc. magazine. Joel graduated from Yale University with a computer science degree and is also a world-renowned speaker. Before college, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a paratrooper and helped found Kibbutz Hanaton.

I’ve seen a video of one of Joel’s last talks in London and it was brilliant. Spolsky has built Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange in to the largest community of programmers in the world. You can read my review of the Stack Overflow community HERE.

The sourcing lab is an event in itself. With a team of top sourcers running tracks on techniques and tactics on finding hidden talent. Tracks in the sourcing lab will include:

: Irene Shamaeva – Inside Bullion

:Balazs Paroczay – Cracking open Facebook (Not branding, pure talent ID.)

:Gordon Lokenberg – Making Google say sorry

:Shane McCusker – Free LinkedIn

:Jonathan Campbell – Social footprints. From Google+ to LinkedIn

:Bill Boorman – Twitter talent stalking

:Andrea Mitchell – Uncovering hidden talent in any channel.

:Martin Lee – Free cool sourcing tools. The sourcers toolbox.

:Ivan Stojanovic – Building a Google custom search engine.

:Oscar Mager – Searching images

:Dimitar Stanimiroff – Sourcing inside communities with Stack Overflow

:Katharine Robinson – The UK Sourcers

:The sourcing dream team (all) – Our one sourcing tip.

13 tracks dedicated to the art of sourcing and finding talent across the internet, sponsored by interactive sourcing training channel, mysocialtalent.com. 6 tracks each day that will prove valuable to any recruiter.

#truLondon has always led the discussion on the candidate experience, from a graduate, candidate, recruiter and technical point of view. The unique mix of disciplines who attend make for valuable insights in to ways to fix what is a broken process. I’m delighted that this year we will be featuring a track hosted by Leigh Carpenter of the UK Candidate Experience Awards, the CandEs. Leigh will be sharing the trends coming back from the comprehensive bench-marking and perception survey of real candidates on which the awards are based. This will be the first look at the emerging trends, best practice and areas for improvement in the UK market.

The CandEs recognise those companies who set a high standard for how they engage and treat candidates. Following the success of last year’s 2011 North American Candidate Experience Awards, the inaugural U.K. programme is open to organisations that recruit in the British employment market. The programme consists of three survey rounds, designed to recognise organisations that produce outstanding candidate experiences. Although the first round is now closed, the second round, in which participating companies confidentially survey a sample of their 2012 employment candidates, is currently open. The track will focus on sharing feedback on the survey through open discussion.

Dutch based employer branding specialists Maximum has developed an engagement index for career brands in social media on Facebook. Over the last few month’s Maximum’s research and technology teams
have been collaborating and crafting an online tool, the Social
Recruitment Monitor, which lists social media activity for the world’s
biggest employers. It accurately tracks data for all
the major social networks. Maximum have been collaborating with Facebook HQ in Dublin and will publish the global list at #truLondon.
The list will be refreshed weekly, so figures are always up to date. Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are being added to the list soon.
Maximum will be launching the index at #trulondon, and sharing the top 10 career brands for engagment, following and  other factors, as well as comparisons for UK and EMEA lists.

The track will be led by  Bas Schreurs the research director for Maximum, and will provide a great insight in to how the brands are really performing.

On the topic of global brands. Paul Maxin, Global Resourcing Director at Unilever will be sharing their experience of launching a global Facebook career page powered by Buddy Media. I will be sharing more on the Unilever story over the next week. The page allows Unilever to manage a central corporate careers page that delivers content locally according to the location of the IP address of the visitor, giving a local experience on a global scale. Much of Maxins thinking is taken from the experience of the marketing team within Unilever. There are some great learning points from this story, and I’m grateful to Paul for sharing.

Long term friend of #tru Andy Hyatt, Digital Director of Bernard Hodes, will be sharing another local to global story, how Staples have taken their UK social recruiting strategy global, the lessons they have learnt, and the differences from country. Andy’s colleague Steven Lo’Presti will be running a track on Real Analytics. Looking at the numbers behind the social recruiting campaigns like Barclays Future Leaders and others. Steven will be sharing what to track, and the story behind the numbers.

For agency recruiters, Cloud Nine founder Steve Ward will be leading a stream of tracks on social recruiting and agency adoption including Wards own business and Amanda Ashworth, new to #tru, from Excelsior Recruitment Partnership, Gerald Morgan founder of Ready People  Elkie Holland, founder of Prospectus IT, Peter Cosgrove of CPL and Vince O’Donnoghue of Select People, as well as tracks from the REC on the latest research, developments and thinking from the industry. that is a day of advice and practical advice from people running desks and integrating social recruiting and social sourcing day in day out.

For in-house recruiters recruitment veteran Alastair Cartwright will be addressing the issue of training for in-house recruiters. Cartwright contends:

“Job boards and social media have distracted in-house recruiters from their core responsibility. Which is to engage with candidates, talk to them, provide them with a positive experience, promote the employer brand and manage them safely through the recruitment process. I know many of these things can be achieved online. But my argument is that you only truly engage with a candidate when you speak to them. This is fast becoming a forgotten skill.”

I think this will be a great conversation around skills and training for in-house recruiters. Given the trend for companies moving or considering a direct sourcing model, it is worth considering the skills needed by recruiters in-house. Also for corporate recruiters, Mitch Sullivan will be talking the in-house/agency relationship, and how in-house recruiters can get the most out of their suppliers. Knowing Mitch, there is bound to be a bit of controversy, and plenty of lively debate.

For something different, Henry Stewart, the CEO of Happy Computers will be running a track on democratic working. Henry will share the “Happy Experience” and the “Happy Manifesto.” Happy Computers have been recognised with the following accolades:

UK’s Best Workplaces (Financial Times, Great Place to Work Institute) for five years
World’s Most Democratic Workplaces (Wordlblu)
IT Training Company of the Year, Gold 2009, Silver 2011 (Learning & Performance Institute)
Best Customer Service in UK (Management Today/Unisys Service Excellence UK Overall Winner)

Henry will be sharing his thoughts on what makes for a democratic workplace, and why this makes sense for business, as well as great employer branding.

On the topic of employer branding, we will be joined by David J Roberts, who has responsibility for employer branding within the BBC. David will share how employer branding is evolving and changing, and what this means in the unique organisation that is the BBC.

Kevin W Grossman will be visiting #truLondon for the first time and will be talking talent communities and talent technology. Kevin is the Director of Product Marketing for Brave New Talent, and has been at the forefront of HR and Talent technology for over 25 years. Kevin will be looking at technology now, and what the emerging trends will be over the coming months.

John Sumser needs no introduction to #trulondon, or the world of recruiter. The Editor of HRExaminer and Principal Analyst of HRxAnalysts will be running a track as only Sumser can. I’m not sure what the title is going to be yet, but I know that it will be thought-provoking with plenty of alternative thinking.

Andy Headworth will be the ring leader in the ever popular “Social Recruiting Circus”. He definitely needs a red coat and a top hat. Andy will be looking at who is doing what in #Socialrecruiting from technology to methodology.

If you don’t know China Gorman, this is her bio:

Well known for her tenure as Chief Operating Officer and interim CEO of SHRM (the Society for Human Resource Management), she also held the posts of President of DBM North America, and President of Lee Hecht Harrison, the global consulting division of Adecco, which became the performance leader in its industry under her leadership.

China travels extensively – throughout North America, Asia and Europe – speaking to business, professional, corporate and academic groups on topics related to the strategic value of HR in creating business success and implementing effective people management strategies. 

Recently appointed to the Strategic Advisory Councils of RiseSmart (www.risesmart.com) in San Jose, CA; Pinstripe in Brookfield, WI (www.pinstripetalent.com); and CVCertify in Herndon, VA (www.acertiv.com) she also serves as Board Chair for the Chicago-basedCouncil for Adult and Experiential Learning (www.cael.org) and on the board of Jobs for America’s Graduates (www.jag.org), headquartered in Alexandria, VA.  A native Midwesterner, China earned a bachelor’s degree from Principia College in Elsah, IL and has completed significant post-graduate work in Organizational Development.

China will be talking HR global and HR strategic, where we are now and what is coming next from around the world. It is rare to get the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and views with someone of China’s global experience.

Steven Ehrlich is Global VP for Client Development with TMP. The summary to his LinkedIn profile perhaps provides the best introduction:

“In addition to being known for my hero-worship of Wayne Gretzky (99GR81) and Bruce Springsteen, I’m also widely known as a “tech geek.” I’ve been an early adopter of everything electronic from the Apple Newton and CDs to Satellite Radio and the iPhone. I’ve been working in the “digital” space since the early 1990′s (wow, so last century!) Now I’m focused on figuring out how to use emerging tools and technologies to enhance both brand articulation and recruitment for a multitude of organizations including Yale University, Deloitte, Exelon, Walmart, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

I spend a lot of time out of the office working on-site with TMPers and clients alike to explore, develop, and implement strategic initiatives leveraging social media, new technology, and innovative employer brand delivery channels. I often find myself in front of a crowd – large or small – yakking away about some new thing-a-ma-jig or a socially-enabled whos-a-what-sis.”

#truLondon is the place for yakking, making Steven a great choice for track leader. Steven will be running a track on the convergence of mobile and social, and other emerging trends from around the world of social media and digital marketing, with a big emphasis on taking the global and local approach.

Jorgen Sundberg is The Undercover Recruiter, one of the leading career and recruiting blogs in the world, with by far the most unique daily visitors of any other blog of its type in Europe. In this track Jorgen will share how he continues to grow audience month on month through content, being close to the target audience and great distribution channels, employing a blend of great SEO, and social media tactics.This is content marketing at its best.

Crystal Miller will be hosting a new track entitled: “Joining the dots.” This is how Crystal describes the track:

“The largest complaint that I often hear from HR/Recruiting/Talent Attraction professionals is that they have a hard time justifying the time they spend on social…
The next is that “We have a strategy, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of impact.”  
Neither complaint is surprising, really, when you think about what typically happens – most social platforms become an avenue for sharing information rather than creating and driving a call to action. 
Basically?  Most Social Strategies…. Suck.  They do – in fact, most aren’t “strategies” at all – because people have been told to just “get out there & play with it” without really understanding how or why they’re on the specific platforms they’re on to begin with.  So, let’s fix it; in this session we’ll discuss how to create a HR/Recruitment marketing strategy for social that’s aligned with the business drivers you need to see results on.  We’ll address the psychology of popular social media platforms & messaging needed to drive action & build a  community presence within them vs simply “collecting/pipelining people.”  We’ll cover the following platforms (and others people bring up, I’m sure!):
Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn
Instagram – Pinterest – Path
Blogging – 4Square – 
Groups & Proprietary Community Platforms”

Jacco Valkenburg runs the largest recruiting group on LinkedIn, Recruitment Consultants And Staffing Professionals, with over 112,000 members, and rising between 50 and 100 members daily. Set up in 2008, with plenty of engagement between members, this group is a model of what all LinkedIn groups could and should be. This track will look at group management, and how to get the most from LinkedIn groups.

Heather Bussing is a lawyer with a difference, with a can do rather than a can’t go attitude. A practicing attorney, and a member of the advisory board for HRExaminer, Heather is well placed to understand both the law and social media. Heather’s track: “Don’t let the lawyers scare you”, will look at social media and employment law, addressing participants questions, fears and concerns.

Peter Gold will be talking the findings of his research for the 2012 edition of The Corporate Recruiters Handbook, and some real life corporate recruiting case studies. Peter has advised organisations including:

* Mothercare

* Krispy Creme
* Superdrug
* New Look
* Sodexo
* Halfords
* Boots
* Jessops
* Tesco

Peter will be sharing war stories from real life corporate recruiting and his current research, in a track that will allow participants to learn first hand what happens when organisations go social and mobile for direct sourcing.

Dave Martin is one of the UK’s leading authorities on mobile recruiting.Where there is talk on mobile, @MobileDave is usually around.  In this track Dave will look at the mobile questions. What it takes to be mobile ready and fully mobile optimized. with plenty of examples of who is doing what, (or not), around mobile, as well as what is coming next.

Felix Wetzel wrote my blog of the year last week, as a follow-up to his recent post on mobility over mobile. In the post, Wetzel uses the wealth of data available to him through his role as Strategy Director at on-line recruiting group Evenbase, to identify the emerging patterns of job seekers. In the post, Wetzel contends that the data and research is firmly pointing towards the 3 underlying principles impacting on job seeking as:

  • Relevance
  • Speed (convenience)
  • Levels of doubt/ uncertainty
You should read the post “A day in the life of a job seeker” ahead of the track. I know that this is going to be a great track packed with valuable data and research.

Aki Kakko will be hosting a track to look at what is happening in the emerging net nations and growing economies, and the technologies that are driving growth. Away from the US, Europe and Australasia there is plenty happening, and an exponential growth in  the adoption of the mobile internet. Brazil,India, Indonesia and  Mexico feature in the top 5 countries for Facebook users. There are lots of trends and innovative thinking coming from places not always on the radar that will be addressed by this track.

Ruxandra Fratescu first came to #trulondon as part of the first #truGrad team, and is now 18 months in to her recruiting career. Ruxandra is now 18months in to a recruiting career, having worked as a trainee for K2, had ashort and interesting stay at a start-up and is now a full cycle recruiter with Next Ventures. Rux will be sharing the experiences of starting out as a new recruiter, the reality of the industry against her perception and her thoughts on training new recruiters.

The #TruGrads are back again to share their experiences and the reality of applying for graduate positions in the final year of study. This is always a great track for giving a real insight in to the life of a graduate. Gen Y talking about Gen Y.

The Hack Track is new for this year. We have 4 teams of developers registered with the simple brief to build something new over the 2 days of #trulondon.  that will improve the candidate experience. They will be checking in at regular intervals to keep us up to date on their progress.

Another first for this event is the Global Kelly OCG HangOut, which will see 12 tracks broadcast from the dance floor via Google+ Air. Details of the tracks and the log in details will be released at the end of the week. This is the first time we have broadcast track discussions live, giving the opportunity to anyone anywhere to join in. Tracks will be hosted by Sally Hunter, Director, EMEA Practice Lead for Kelly OGC, Keep your eyes peeled for the schedule.

Jobsite TV is back on the first day, with a series of panel discussions and debate moderated by DeeDee Doke, editor of recruiter magazine. The panel discussions will be broadcast via LiveStream. Follow the Twitter stream for more details.

That is over 50 track leaders contributing over the 2 days, as well as all the other activities that will be going on. I really believe that this is the most diverse and best collection of track leaders we have ever assembled, and would easily rival any recruiting event anywhere in the world. There really is something for everyone, and I can’t wait to get started.

There are only 30 tickets left. £150 for 2 full days, and some great learning. I expect these to sell out quickly. If you are thinking of attending, sign up now. You wouldn’t want to miss it!