Theres a long running radio show in the UK called desert island disks. On the show, celebrities get interviewed and get to choose three tracks and three books, or similar to take with them. When you try to tie down music or books to a small choice, it’s really hard. Earlier this evening I asked a random question on Twitter and Facebook. If you could only read 2 blogs, which would they be, It’s a bit of a tough one to answer.
Like books or music, theres different blogs for different moods. Some writers make you laugh, others make you angry, some inform and educate you, and others make you feel like you are home. Choosing just two is a next to impossible task. When you are a prolific blog reader like me, it’s easy to draft a list of 30 that might make the list, but cutting it down to just two is close to impossible.

When I look at the blogs that would make the short list there are some common traits that offer a good insight in what makes for a popular blog. Consistency in style and authentic voice is the thing that really stands out. I’m a bit of a grazer of content, picking up headings that appeal in the social channels. Theres some links I will always click on because I know the content is going to be good, and what I expect. I’m rarely disappointed by what I find. Theres a group of 20 bloggers who I subscribe to because I never want to miss a post, and I read each and every one.

Despite the difficulty in making the choice, I have to apply the same rules to myself as I do to others, so here is my two:

The Boolean Black Belt – Glen Cathey

Mark Rice - Andsome Blog

Both blogs educate me. Glens blog is like a text-book on internet sourcing. I’m fascinated by the things I don’t know. His style is to simplify without patronising, and they are never less than 2000 words. No comedy, but a brilliant education.

Marks blog details the work and thoughts of his business Andsome People. The Andsome team are the best at social recruiting that I know. The campaigns are usually brilliantly simple, and his dry humour makes me smile.

I’d hate to have to choose just two, I’m grateful to everyone who shares their thoughts and learning in my daily read, My random question got the following answers, although it was hard for everyone: (All the links are to the blogs by the writer listed.)

> Trish McFarlane – Kris Dunn and Steve Boese

> Robin Schooling – Kris Dunn and Laurie Ruettimann

> Aaron Kato – Bill Boorman (twice) – I think tongue in cheek

> Jay Kuhns – I read Laurie Ruettimann daily, the rest is too hard

> William Tincup – I’d cheat and choose Fist Full Of Talent and either HRExaminer or TLNT because they are collectives with lots of blogs.

> Matthew Stollack – Steve Benen and Charles Pierce

> Buzz Rooney – Jay Kuhns, and I refuse to choose a second because it is too hard

> Jeremy Roberts – I couldn’t handle that much of any 2 blogger so I would stop reading blogs.

> Dwane Lay – Can I choose me twice? The real answer: Scott Adams and Mark Cuban.

It was a 10 minute straw poll, but perhaps the instant answer is the right one. Who would be your choice of two bloggers? Lets make a list, and add the links so that we can all enjoy them. Sharing is caring!