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What does Broadbean do? #SRTECH13

I’m live blogging from #SRTech in Birmingham. Richard Essex is talking about how Broadbean has changed over the years. Many of us kind of know what we think they do, but it is quite cloudy. Today it takes one ad to be posted to five job boards and one social media site to make a hire. The average recruiter takes eleven minutes to post a job to a job board without a multi-poster. For some recruiters, they are spending up to 55% of their working day posting job ads. that is kind of scary.
The Broadbean product is quite different for corporate recruiters rather than agency recruiters. The big difference is the type of ads placed, and what happens when applicants apply. Users can create template job ads and add dynamic content like video or podcast for social media posting. Candidates can be redirected according to where you want them to go, Typically the career site. The beauty of this is that any redirect is to the job landing page, rather than requiring a log in to the career site for searching again. This also makes source tracking automated for the whole candidate journey, providing real analytics.
80% of corporate clients use an apply on-line form direct in to the ATS. The recruiter dashboard tracks all the current activity like jobs posted, responses, progress for multiple posting in one place, measuring the effectiveness of each post in the same way. Each applicant has a simple review form, presenting their data in the same way regardless of source. The historical tracking of real job board performance, which can include both volume and quality) helps select the best media for future posting. You can drill down in to the data by position, date range, results, location, job or skill type etc. This is essential data for organisations with on-going hiring requirements, and those organisations without an ATS can handle all of their candidate management, progress and tracking through the platform. Data helps companies to make the best decisions over job posting. another interesting fact is that the use of their integrated search tool is increasing month on month. which searches internally and externally, by taking data from multiple places and organising it in a consistent way, indexing every candidate. This is about data retrieval rather than data storage. the growth in use of the sourcing product over the multi-poster by corporate recruiters indicates the changing work practices of corporate recruiters.
Social referral is the other part of the Broadbean offering, that distributes jobs to internal employees and their social networks. they are now much more than a posting tool. An interesting look at a product we all know, that is continually finding new ways to deliver data.As always, I like the product.
Disclaimer: Broadbean are occasional sponsor of #tru events, as are the Evenbase group.

Sunday ShoutOut: @KellyJRobinson – King Of The Bean

I was going to title this post Mr.Bean, but that didn’t quite match up to the message I want to portray. There is no similarity between the calamitous character portrayed by Rowan Atkinson, and the C.E.O. of on-line recruiting technology Broadbean. Rowan Atkinson aside though, it is a title that fits because Robinson lives and breathes Broadbean. 
Robinson founded the company in 2001. He is a career recruiter, and it was his desire to find more efficient ways of working through the emerging on-line technologies for the recruitment business he founded MECS Europe Ltd. Prior to founding MECS, Robinson was the MD of Compuvac  growing revenues from £1Mn to £25Mn. Robinson was MD of the business between 1989 and 1998. Robinson has a passion for recruiting, citing the industry as the only one that you can legally make six figures from a standing start, with no experience, and have fun doing it. It is the desire to do things better that led him to develop the product that ultimately became Broadbean.

Broadbean are one of those companies that seem to be omnipresent around the industry. Nearly all of the recruiting businesses I have been involved with have been Broadbean customers. They are the market leaders in the job posting market, with over 35,000 customers around the world. Broadbean make job posting to multiple job boards and response management quick and simple. Robinson developed this product for MECS, and was quick to recognise the potential for the industry as a whole.

Under Robinson’s leadership, Broadbean have been a constantly evolving business. The product range now includes a whole range of social, referral and mobile options as well as comprehensive search products. Robinson is a big believer in developing new products, and is quoted as saying:

”I love creating new products and solutions for the industry. Success benefits everyone,”  

It is this attitude to innovation and customer service that has propelled Broadbean to the top of the market and kept them there. When you speak with Robinson, it is these two areas that really stand out. He talks and thinks like a recruiter, and understands that as the recruiting market evolves, so the technology that supports it needs to at the same pace, and that means constantly finding or inventing new ways of doing things better. Having been a recruiter for so many years, Robinson understands the importance of keeping customers happy through responsive customer service. recruiters work under intense pressure and tight deadlines, the companies that support them need to work at the same pace, and make sure that they are fully supported, because it is service that differentiates suppliers.

In oct 2008 Broadbean were acquired by Associated Northcliffe Digital, the digital consumer division of the Daily Mail and General Trust. Robinson was keen to stay with the business, but was keen to take on a new challenge and build something new. The solution was to change his focus and move to the U.S. in order to establish the Broadbean Band in a new continent. The challenge has clearly suited Robinson, setting up an office in Newport Beach, Orange County and quickly building a team. It has been great to witness a UK brand going global, with additional offices in Australia. Robinson clearly relishes the challenge of building businesses, and speaking with him, I suspect that he draws paralells between the US set up and the early days with Broadbean, when they were first known as Firebean.

Earlier this year I ran a post announcing the launch of the Evenbase Group, set up to encourage collaboration between the on-line recruitment businesses of DMGT, which also includes Jobsite. Robinson sits on the board of Evenbase, bringing his own take on on-line recruiting to the group. Away from the business he dedicates his time to the other loves of his life, family and football, where he coaches kids teams and supports Totenham.

I always enjoy his company, and look forward to seeing him again at #Trusanfrancisco later this month. He has been there and done it in terms of on-line recruitment, and is clearly back for more. I salute his and “The Beans” achievements so far, and wish him well in his quest to conquer the recruiting world with the Bean.


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