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#OccupyTheConference #CIETT2012 London 23'rd – 25'th May

#CIETT2012  is coming to London on 23′rd – 25′th May, and I’m really excited. I’m excited because there is going to be visitors from the recruitment industry around the world here in London. There is a great line up of speakers, but more importantly we are going to be occupying the conference for 2 hours. Not in a squatter type way. We come with an invite to run 2 hours of unconference sessions, 3 tracks an hour. We will be putting away the Powerpoint, rearranging the chairs and creating conversation. Participants can move between tracks to make sure they get what they want from the sessions. The planned tracks are:

> The Social Agency – Steve Ward and Elkie Holland – Career Recruiters

> The Social Channels – Andy Headworth – Social Recruiting Consulting

>Corporate Social Recruiting – Klaudia Drulis – Oracle Corporation

>Going Mobile – @BillBoorman – Rebel Rouser

>Recruiter Branding – Jorgen Sundberg – Personal Branding Expert

>Social Sourcing – Johnny Campbell – Sourcing Expert

It’s going to be a real change for the participants in the middle of presentations. You need to be there!



Who moved my conference? #trulondon

I’ve attended a few events today at Social Media Week London. It’s the opening day, and things are shifting away from the usual conference model. I spoke at one event. Refused to bring a presentation, used up 5 minutes for an intro as to why I was talking about Twitter, then opened it up to Q&A. This gave me the opportunity to talk about what the participants wanted to hear and for me to speak at their level. It wasn’t the presentation I would have prepared, that would have been beyond many in the room. They would have been bored and confused, maybe even felt a little stupid.
tomorrow I’m speaking at the Recruitment Agency Expo in Olympia. I’m delivering the opening keynote. It’s a requirement that I have a presentation, so I’m taking two slides. One that says @BillBoorman – #tru story-teller, and the other that says, “What do you want to know?” I’m taking the same approach, concerned more about the participants than delivering a pre-determined message, This is the problem with most conferences and events. The speakers second guess who is going to be the audience, and deliver what they think they will want, and it is this content that is used to sell the conference.
Usually, when I’m asked if I’m interested in speaking, I have to submit a speaker proposal, a pitch for my spot and an outline of what I’m going to cover. This gets even more controlled when accreditation or learning points get awarded by organisations like SHRM or the CIPD. Turning it in to an academic presentation makes it even more controlled and regulated. You have to deliver what you said you would regardless of who is in the room. There might be 5 minutes squeezed in at the end of a presentation, and perhaps a squeezed panel discussion. Less discussion and more four or five mini -presentations.This saddens me. So much missed opportunity to actually share what people want to know. It’s also hard to get the smartest people in the room to speak, because there wedged in the audience with the job of listening. 

Next week it’s #Trulondon time. I trust the grown ups in the room enough to know that they will work out what they want to know. When they want to talk, listen, have a coffee, go for lunch or retire to the pub, it’s their event to choose.

This time around i have been thinking more about the people who aren’t in the building. They are no less participants, they just aren’t physically in the room. Everyone who watches the livestream, tweets, blogs or chooses to take part in whatever way they want are part of the event. To extend the opportunity, I’m inviting anyone to join us on Google+. I will be creating a page for #trulondon. If you want a discussion, track or conversation on anything you want to host and invite people to join in. All i ask you to do is to record it, tweet on the hashtag so that we can join in from the venue, and post the recording somewhere so that others who miss it can see the content, maybe even start their own circle in response. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and as much a part of #trulondon as what happens in the City Hotel.

If you want to get to the event, there are 6 tickets left before the fire marshal says no more. The conference has moved. It’s moved as much on-line as off it. it’s a shared experience, open to anyone, and it is about getting the best experience for everyone, in a social way. A social experience without hierarchy, and it joining in isn’t dictated by being able to afford the admission price! Conferences still have a place for those who want their learning that way, but there are an increasing number of alternatives, and more and more companies are beginning to understand that you don’t need listed outcomes to justify attendance. When you’re in a room full of smart people and you can talk to them, you’re going to really learn, and enjoy the experience.


PS: To any conference organisers brave enough to try something different, speak to me. I’d be glad to help facilitate it, and if you want a speaker who talks with their audience, you know where I am.

Johny Campbell Is Coming To #TruBoston

You can join Johny and I, along with:

Arie Ball – Sodexo
Kerry Noone – Sodexo
Meghan M Biro – Talent Culture
Steve Levy – @LevyRecruits
Bill Fischer – The Social CV
Geoff Webb – @RadicalRecruit
Chris Bradshaw – AllTheTopBananas
Lyndsey Stanton – JSTN
Art Pappas – Bullhorn
Kevin Wheeler – Future Of Talent Institute
Mark Babbit – You Tern
Matt Brown – Work4Labs
Leanne Chase – Career Life Connection
More to be announced.
2 days of great recruiting, technology and HR content for $110.00
Hope to see you there!



What is all this “Un” stuff?

The Unblog – Norton Folgate

The unblog is the official blog of The Recruiting Unconference London  (if anything can be official about such an event!). This is the place for random thinking on recruiting and social recruiting, debate and discussion. In the spirit of the unconference, anyone can post here on any topic, start their own blog or leave comments. The comments are unmoderated, it is down to you to respect common decency just as it will be on the 19th November. All you need to do is register and start blogging. Word, video, podcast, whatever method you favour, post it here.
A what & a why you might be asking. What is an unconference & why Norton Folgate? (unless you are full of madness, you probably won’t know the answer to either.
An unconference is an unconventional event that has built momentum from the technology sector in the states. From barcamps to gatherings in parks, the unconference is seen as the best way to share and communicate and come up with real solutions without the clutter of structure or set agendas. Its also an ante-dote to attending a traditional conference, knowing half the speakers already and paying £3 – 400 to see one of them.

There are no rules or fixed structures, speakers or auditoriums, and definitely NO death by powerpoint. The event is broken in to tracks with trackleaders in most cases, who have some expertise in the discussion area. Their role is to encourage conversation, input where needed and support the exchange of ideas, communication, conversation, disagreement, debate and discussion. Anyone can join in and if you get bored, you just change the conversation or move to another track. I lead a track at Recruitfest09 in Toronto and this great event convinced me that we needed to do the same thing in London.
Norton Folgate is the name I’ve given the blog for  The Recruiting Unconference London or #trulondon if you live on twitter. I mention Madness, or the nutty boys for two reasons. Firstly they are by far the best band ever, and second, their recent (and excellent) album is titled “The liberty of Norton Folgate.” The release of the album drew my attention to the history of a part of London that was was named Norton Folgate, tucked between Whitechapel and the Bishopsgate. (The quest for the venue starts on the location of the Norton Folgate then head east from Mr.Truemans beer factory via the gas lights).

 The area was declared by statute a liberty i:e: A free land with no rules or order. Being a liberty, it attracted all of Londons society and became home to the artists, poets, performers, artistes, free thinkers, buskers, anarchists and the like. You might expect anarchy without order but the story , as the song goes saw a society spring up where people accepted each other, helped and shared views without the need for law and agenda, the people in effect policed and organised themselves.
The liberty of Norton Folgate may have been forgotten in time but for Madness, reviving it in song and retelling the story. By some strange chance, and in an event eerily unconnected with the band, property developers planned to pull down the alleys and buildings that form Norton Folgate and replace them with functional but faceless glass skyscrapers to match most of the surrounding areas. Norton Folgate seemed doomed forever when local protest met a brick wall of bureaucracy. By chance, a local historian opposed to the destruction of this piece of history found the Liberty and discovered that by error, the beaureaucrats had never actually revoked it. By evoking the Liberty, and declaring that the land did in fact belong to the people and not the planners, the demolition has been prevented at least for the time being. At the same time, Madness had read about Norton Folgate and had written a series of songs on London, culminating in a 10 minute classic celebrating the Liberty. The protesters, on hearing this, adopted the song as their anthem and the two movements combined. Madness, being a bit rebellious (but nice), in their day were honoured that their musical mischief making had coincided with such a rebellious event!
On my part, the spirit of Norton Folgate is exactly what the Recruiting Unconference London is all about. No set rules or structure, self policing, the tracks and controlling the content. We are expecting enjoyment, engagement, laughter, a little anger and plenty of learning. I view it that as The Bill Boorman Consultancy is the name above the door, it’s our job to facilitate the event, it’s the job of every attendee to organise it and make sure that the content is just right for them. You choose what you want to know, what you want to talk about, where you want to contribute and where you want to listen. Then just like in Norton Folgate, the evening will end in revelry.
The Recruiting Tweetup is a quarterly event organised by Jamie Leonard of The Ladders and Matt Alder of Penna Barkers, the social media ringmaster himself. The London RTU brings your networking offline and enables you to put faces to the tweets whilst enjoying the odd ale, liquor or similar exotic tipple. The London RTU is the place where the debate will no doubt continue long in to the night fuelled by intoxication. A great end to a great day!

The Recruiting Unconference London or #trulondon takes place on the 19th November.
You can book for The Recruiting Unconference London at http://recruitingunconference.eventbrite.com