Lets here it for the crazy ones!

The community DJ is doing his stuff. Paul is looking at industries outside of recruiting to see how to develop recruiting. His view is that many are still recruiting like it is 1999. it is still all LinkedIn and Job boards.
paul showed how he used an infographic as a job ad. He is working out how to integrate the infographic in to mobile and make it interactive. I love this thinking.
Paul showed examples of viral campaigns from other industries, particularly in Facebook. ASB created the first virtual bank on Facebook, that incorporates virtual messaging to communication. This has possibilities for a virtual recruiting office. Most recruiting i-phone apps are just sticking career sites on an app. Jacobs is looking for more.
In the porn industry, they have been using live stream, e-commerce, chat and viral marketing for quite a few years. They are well ahead of the curve when it comes to making connections. Paul showed an augmented reality app from the world of dating, where you can identify who wants to “hook up” in a bar. Why can’t the same tech be used in recruiting?
You Tube now allows you to sign in with your Facebook and put people from photo’sin to images. (He showed the Ikea ad.) This type of app could really work for employer branding and attraction.
The inspiration for his hugely succesful Deloitte NZ grads campaign came from looking at what celebrities were doing on Facebook. He noticed how they were connecting with fans through live streaming and chat. This proved to be successful, when no one else was doing it in the recruiting space.
I’m hoping we can see a few more crazy ones in the recruitment space!