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Social Media Internship with @RolePoint (I’m hiring.) Be a Community DJ

I’m really excited to be mentoring the team of interns at San Francisco and London-based start-up RolePoint. RolePoint are redefining referrals for the social age, with a mix of innovative technology and infrastructure. A combined technology and consultancy approach. A social business needs to have a social approach from the inside out. This means building a presence across all of the social channels, and a reputation for researched, engaging content. I’m a big believer that to serve a community through your business offering you need to be a part of it.

To make this happen I’m hiring a team of paid interns to develop the social accounts through engagement, learning and content creation. I will be mentoring the team of community DJ’s, in all areas of social and content generation. It is going to be a fun journey, and I’m expecting to learn more than I share. Whilst we work to deadline and a content Calender, the best content and conversation will come from the creator. This isn’t about generating standard press releases or sales content. I’m open to exploring content in any channel and in any format, We are looking for creativity, not conformity.

We are looking for individuals from any background who understand networking, research and content creation in any environment, probably with their own blog and a creative approach to content. if this sounds interesting, you can view the role HERE, and find out about our thinking around social referral HERE. The founders are active in the business and will have close involvement with the team. We all lead busy lives, and will not always be available, that’s why we need people who work on their own initiative. We treat people like grown ups because when people are treated that way, that’s how they behave. We are open to people looking to understand how a start up works in order to do it themselves, (the founders are happy to mentor in this), for someone looking to learn the social world in order to launch a career elsewhere, or looking to join the RolePoint team. This is a genuine internship, where the commitment cuts both ways.

To apply, I’m not looking for a CV or an application, I’m looking for a blog post or video in any format on one of the three topics:

> Changing campus recruiting

> Reward and recognition in the social generation

> Game mechanics for hiring

You can mail me your submission in any channel, I’m easy to find, and if we use your submission then we will pay you for it and set up a meeting. All content will be posted in your own name, we don’t believe in ghosts! I’m excited to see your work, and to be a part of a great team.



Use your social skills for good with the Child Bereavement Charity. (Job)

I’m not in the habit of posting jobs on the blog, but i thought this one was worth sharing. There is tremendous potential for worthwhile causes who use social to spread their message. If it is interesting to you please apply directly. Hat tip to Alex Strang for spreading the word. Please share the link if you think the right person to help this organisation spread the word the please share the link with your posse.

Communications & Marketing Officer – 2 year Fixed Term Contract
The Child Bereavement Charity works to ensure that all UK families should have the support they need to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a baby or child dies. We have grown significantly in recent years and have ambitious plans to make our aim a reality.

Of course we can’t do this alone so excellent communications with the growing number of people who share our aims and values is vital. We need someone who can equip and support all teams in effectively using digital communications, including the website, email lists and social media in the forefront of all areas of the charity’s work. In addition they will act as design lead and branding guardian for on-line and printed publications, in accordance with established brand guidelines.

It is anticipated that the scope and remit of this job will evolve with the charity as we introduce new technologies and improve practices.

The ideal candidate would have 1-2 years professional experience including a significant use of design software for on-line and print.
Salary: £18,000-£25,000 (Depending on skills and experience)

You can apply HERE