This past week was the first #truEurope in Brussels. The concept of #truEurope was the brain child of Oscar Mager, who has been a regular attendee at #tru events over the past few years. Oscar is a contract recruiter based in the Netherlands, through his company Recruiting Essentials. Oscar founded Recruiting Essentials in 2005 to provide a specialist in-house sourcing function for corporate clients. During this time Oscar has completed contracts for such businesses as Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways), Rabobank International and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. He is currently completing a contract for the UK and EMEA recruitment for Sonos, the rapidly growing wireless sound system business. He is one of a number of a growing generation of “rent-a-recruiter”, particularly strong in the dutch market, who bring their sourcing expertise in to growth companies on a project basis.
Working in the highly competitive contract recruiter market means that Oscar has to stay ahead of the latest recruiting trends in order to stay current, and he does this by taking part in events. I remember talking about concepts like Google goggles and sourcing through photos, Google+ hang outs for recruiters, and others 6 months before anyone else. He is also a big supporter of the recruitment community at large, in particular the local Recruiters United, but has perhaps become best known for his fantastic photography, capturing the faces and emotions at the many events he attends. You can follow Oscars Flikkr channel HERE,  He has a unique way of capturing emotion in pictures that I admire, and has earnt him the title of #truPapperazzi.

Whenever Oscar is away from an event, he can be found joining the conversation via twitter and sharing his own views. He has a genuine passion for talking recruiting beyond a professional interest, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Prior to founding Recruiting Essentials, Oscar was senior recruiter for Compagnon, hiring in the HR market from 2003 – 2006, a year with Publicis Dialog recruiting in the data fields, a year with USG Capacity hiring sales and marketing professionals. he started his recruiting career with Randstad in 1996, giving him over 17 years experience in the industry. He is a great on-line rec ruiter and a great friend to have. Thank’s Oscar for making #truEurope happen, and for your contribution to the recruiter community at large, a #truStar.

This is oscars work for #truLondon:

Oscar Mager On LinkedIn