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Facebook mobile with @ChoRichard

There are 900 million objects on-line we interact with. Theres over 7 mn apps and websites that integrate with Facebook. Social makes the web experience exponentially better, according to Richard. There are 20 Mn applications installed on Facebook every day. There are 350 million mobile users on Facebook. most access Facebook more than they do via P.C.

Why is mobile important for mobile?

mobile takes social everywhere. Facebook see mobile as the extension of “us”. When people you trust send you job opportunities, you tend to believe it. When respective employers evaluate you as a person, not a job title, opportunities are created on both sides. The digital profile is making this possible.
Mobile makes job searching by location easy.
The numbers of users show that not thinking mobile is no longer an option. Last up richard showed time line. I love this, and mobile updates will only increase the content for curation. Exciting times!

Integrating Mobile In To Recruiting #ATCSM with @TheAlphaFemme

I’m sitting in Carrie Corbins session at #ATCSM. She is telling the A.T.& T mobile recruiting story. The center piece of their strategy is having an independent career site that is optimised for mobile.
Content wise they started simple, listing the basic information that job seekers might want, without over doing it. 83% of the text messages they send out to their talent network are opened within one hour. A.T.& T are one of only 8 Fortune500 companies with a mobile optimised career site.
One quote that really stands out in her presentation is “we do our company a disservice if we worry more about cool than functional.” one example of this is the “browser sniffer.” this enables your career site to identify when a visitor comes by mobile and switches the destination to a more functional one.The sticking point at the moment is integrating with A.T.S.’s to allow job seekers to apply without having a stored profile. This technology is coming, and that will open the doors to mobile technology.A.T.& T’s goal is not to increase applications, it’s about offering an additional method of engagement.
They get 38,000 views to the mobile site each month with a 1000 views a day. There has been 30,000 opt ins to the talent network per month, with over 1Mn members of the talent network signed in to receive messages and jobs by text. Messages are sent according to location and job type. A.T.&T get 1 application per every 200 texts sent, and mobile applications are overtaking traditional applications by point of origin.
Carrie is using QR codes for video and competitions around the area of technology recruiting. The destination of these QR codes need to have a call to action. Theres no point going to a reference site that needs you to go elsewhere. (I need to change mine.)
The recruiters use an i-pad app to upload candidate details at careers fairs and message/schedule the follow up in real time. Because A.T.& T hire technical people, Corbin sees it as essential that the application process reflects this. I’m hearing more and more about the success of text over app’s, and I think this needs to be considered as a key point in mobile strategy.

Video content is built for video, taking in to consideration load and play time. This is because of the volume of video views by mobile. How many people loading video content consider how it plays out on mobile? It has to be a vital consideration.

I’m glad I attended this session. Mobile is clearly key to the talent network.


My Blackberry Is Not Working

For the last 3 days my Blackberry has been off-line. No internet, no twitter, no 4square. It is only now that I have come to realise how dependent I am on mobile internet. sorry to say that I have been a bit lost without it. What I have realised however is that none of the messages are actually urgent. I haven’t lost any opportunities. The world hasn’t come to an end, and once I’ve had the opportunity to log in again from a base station, it has only taken 15 minutes to deal with it all. I’m sure I spend at least 5 times the time dealing with things on the mobile, on the go

. Makes me wonder if I have become over dependent, and need to rethink how often i check in.
Just a thought, could you do without it?