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Introducing @MikeVangel. #trulondon


Vangel at #RIS11

I’m excited that Mike Vangel, the VP for  client talent acquisition strategy at TMP Worldwide and AIA in the UK, is joining us for #trulondon on the 6th and 7th March. Mike has been leading the way in mobile and social recruiting over the last 3 – 4 years, and has some great stories to share. I asked Mike to outline the tracks he wants to run, and his thoughts ahead of the event. This is what Mike had to say:


“I am looking forward to attending #trulondon in a couple of weeks. Hope you will be there, too, and perhaps I will get to meet you. I am a Yank from the states, Boston to be precise, but I work globally in the field of recruitment. I will be leading a few tracks so I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about myself in advance as you go through the thoughtful process of choosing which sessions to attend and which ones you won’t. Hope you’ll attend mine if you think we’re a good fit but it’s okay if you select out once I’ve told you a bit about myself.

I would classify myself as a “practitioner” that is to say I actually do the things I talk about. Interestingly enough, my son considers me an inventor. He may be on to something with that classification, too. I realize there is a whole cottage industry of self-appointed “gurus” and “thought leaders” who bless what they think is the tactic du jour embracing it as their own but never actually do the work. That’s not my scene and to be honest I don’t have much patience for any of them. They remind me a lot of the know-it-all jerks I had to put up with in high school. God, I hated them. Unlike them I say what I am going to do and try my best to do what I say I will. It should not be a novel concept but unfortunately in this day and age it seems to be the exception and not the rule.

I believe in first-mover advantage. If you are waiting for tons of people to tell you what will work, you are probably too late to get in the game. I believe in piloting ideas that hold promise but put them within a scalable framework to validate “proof of concept” as quickly as possible. I believe in the power of data and the power of brand. I only collect actionable metrics to define success and continually work very hard to refine those results. I am direct. I am honest. I would rather tell you the truth than what is a comfortable un-truth. I have dedicated the better part of my career to the sharing and promotion of best practices within the employment industry. I believe in giving back and paying forward. Again, not a novel concept but not very common these days.

Like Bill I don’t believe you have to charge people thousands of Euros at a conference to learn something new. Chances are you will learn more at #trulondon for £150 than one of those other conferences (probably filled with self-appointed “gurus” and “thought leaders” who’ve really never done the work) that will charge you ten times as much if you come with an open mind to one of my sessions and are not afraid to be told (or even better tell) an inconvenient truth.

I don’t get paid for speaking at events and never have. That’s not what I’m about. However, I have presented at Facebook, Microsoft, the Mobile Marketing Association and led recruitment conferences as far away as Australia. I believe strongly in the power of social media and mobile for recruitment and have the data to back it up. And I share.

I fundamentally believe Recruitment is very different from HR and I am glad that it is. I am not sure if HR will ever have a strategic seat at the table but Recruitment surely should.

The areas that interest me the most are:

1. Why recruitment ROI is so important and how to optimize it
2. How it compares with other sourcing channels
3. How to effectively use mobile to recruit
4. What’s worked for me and what hasn’t (sometimes I have learned more from my failures than my successes)
5. Identifying and stopping abuses within Recruitment

The tracks I hope to lead are:

1. “Complete Mobilization Is Possible Now.”
2. “How to Drive Hires & Establish True ROI for Your Social Media for Recruitment Efforts”
3. “Catfishing for Employers and Jobseekers” Why authenticity is so important.
4. “Every Time You Say ‘Gamification’ a Unicorn Dies”

5. “Is Your Employer Brand a Victim of Identity Theft?”

6. “Internal Mobility – Fact or Fiction?”

I am looking forward to a wonderful “unconference” at #trulondon and hopefully meeting you!



I know Mike well from #truBoston, and a few other events over the last few years. We regularly exchange notes. You can get one of the remaining tickets to see Mike at #trulondon HERE. There are only 12 tickets left, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.


Brilliant #SocialRecruiting Is A Marathon

Last year I had the pleasure of spending time with Mike Vangel of TMP Worldwide. Recently I blogged about the UPS Road trip Competition he put together for sourcing a high volume of contract staff from loaders to drivers to cover the Christmas peak. It was an impressive campaign that got real results.

I first met Mike at #truBoston when he ran a track. telling the U.P.S. story so far. What struck me about Mike was how open he was to sharing the data and results that U.P.S. were getting from their social recruiting accounts. and the way in which they have built a following, and more importantly hires.

Vangel’s story of how social recruiting can evolve in a corporate environment.Like similar projects of this type, UPS recognised that it would take 3 years to be really effective. Mike also recognised and respected the need for restraint and respect for the brand during the roll out. It’s easy to rush gung-ho in to launching in every channel and making plenty of noise. This approach, when your working with a corporate who are concerned with protecting the brand, is usually the best way to go. Vangel measured everything against agreed objectives, so that he could demonstrate progress, reassure the corporate chiefs and earn the right to move to the next stage.
For social recruiting evangelists this can be frustrating, but it is the way to win support. This might be as simple as starting with an automated twitter feed in order to get some response, applications and hires. I understand how frustrating this might be for some, I can hear the tut, tutting and the comments of the need for engagement, but it is important to remember that this is the first step on the road to social recruiting. The same might apply to setting up a Facebook fan page and disabling comments. It takes away the fear and allows for content control. This builds belief in what can be achieved, and allows for an opening up of the page in stages, as others get to understand social better.

Taking the slow build approach over 3 years allowed UPS to build step by step, starting with YouTube videos of employees.and two LinkedIn recruiter accounts. From these small steps, they have now run fully integrated social accounts in all the channels, with no spend on paid for media. In Vangels presentation at the Recruiting Innovation Summit he outlined the journey UPS have taken so far, and where they are going next. Two points that really stand out in the data is the importance of having a mobile site when you are using social to attract candidates, and the real results that are achieved from text. In the age of sexy mobile apps and the mobile web, I think we often overlook the power of text. Mike opened my eyes to this, using the data to prove it, and as a result I now include text in all my thinking.

Mike has kindly provided me with his slide deck from his presentation, that includes all the steps they took to full integration, and the results (and estimated value) at each stage. I recommend you view this in full screen to appreciate all the numbers, it’s a brilliant story of slow, steady success. The statement that really stood out for me in Vangels presentation is:

“Social recruiting: It’s a marathon not a sprint!”

It’s a great point, and one to bear in mind if you are concerned about the slow progress your organisation might be making.

Thanks Mike for sharing. It’s a great story of brilliant social recruiting!
You can read my last post on the UPS road trip competition that brings the story up to date.



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