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#HRCarnival: Posts in pictures. June 20′th Edition.

I’m honoured to be hosting this months #HRCarnival. It was a short notice request to step in, but I knew the community would come good, and they did. Thanks everyone who contributed, I loved reading your blogs. The great thing about hosting the carnival is that you get to discover a few new blogs, and get a reminder of just how good the content is out there. I salute every blogger who takes the time to hit the keyboard and share their thoughts, words and wisdom.
As always, I’ve decided to do things a bit different. and tell the story of the blogs by the images they use. I’ve also set up an #HRCarnival pinterest board featuring each of the images which I hope will drive the traffic these posts so richly deserve. Please take the time to come back and visit each and every one of the blogs. You can get to any of the posts by clicking on the featured images which will take you there. Every picture tells a story!

Thoughts on the limits of HR. A thought provoking post from John Sumser. HR Examiner.


The words we use. A great post on off hand comments overheard. HR SchoolHouse. Robin Schooling

Social media builds brand but it is nothing without substance. A detailed piece on employer brand, social media and other thoughts from global super sourcer Sparsh Ahuja on Sourcecon.

Do panty hose matter? Susan M Heathfield asks the question and invites you to take part in a poll on About.Com

Use a mix of tools to assess future executives. Nicole Jue on the productivity blog shares research on assessments. it is worth a read. I’d love to get access to the white paper, though you need to be a member of i4cp.

Workforce analytics at 38,000 feet. An off the cuff interview. I just love this spontaneous post from Lois Melbourne, and it makes a great point on the Aquire blog. Enjoy<!–

Association is not a protected category, or is it? Michael B Haberman asks the question about discrimination by association on the Omega HR Solutions Blog.

Job descriptions: Do we need them? Abu Dhabi based Sandri Bardot asks the question on compensation insider.

The biggest physician hospital recruiting myth. All we need is more candidates. Bit of a product plug at the end but a good intro. Carl Brickman.

The biggest physician hospital recruiting myth. All we need is more candidates. Bit of a product plug at the end but good intro thoughts

an acid pen. Enjoy this post on Change Effect.
Cyclical V Structural unemployment. I’ve been really enjoying China Gormans data series because I’m learning. this post looks at unemployment numbers. The whole series is worth a look.

creating an internship that works.. A topic close to my heart and some great advice. Nancy Saperstone of Insight shares.

Updating the definition of career development. Julie Giuloni is it about the forms or the conversations? read Julies thoughts on the Julie WG blog

Refusing to increase base pay further? This is a real life case study from a day to day HR situation by Abu Dhabi based Sandrine Bardot on the compensation insider blog.

Asking better questions at work. Better questions equal better results. Ben Eubanks comments on the power of great questioning on the Upstart HR Blog.

Doin’ the Hogan. A review of the hogan test by the Devon Group on the Devon Group blog.

Four social media mistakes and how to avoid them. Great advice on the sourcecon blog from TMP’s Steven Ehrlich

Recruiting budget shortfalls on the horizon? Optimize resources for effective results. Brin McCagg of OneWire asks the question and offers good advice on making the most of what youve got on the Sourcecon blog.

Are you the very model of a modern HR leader? The excellent Naomi Bloom talks HR leadership on In Full Bloom.

SHRM, Hockey And Helping. The crazt Dwayne Lay announces an idea for #SHRM12 that is growing and growing. I’m playing!

Whats your legacy? A passionate blog about poor leadership from Chris Fields.

How strategically aligned is your leadership development program? Dan Mccarthy gives a model for getting things in order.

The alien world of work. Sci-fi fan Mike Vandervort is one of my favourite bloggers. He makes you think. Check out this post on The Human Racehorses.

How not to win friends and influence people. I like Neil,he is my buddy. He can have an acid pen. Enjoy this post on Change Effect.

Cyclical V Structural unemployment. I’ve been really enjoying China Gormans data series because I’m learning. this post looks at unemployment numbers. The whole series is worth a look.

Contrary to popular belief – There is no secret to employee recognition. Paul hebert at his hard hitting best dispelling myths and BS.

How to lose the war for talent. Ben Martinez at the curiously named HR Hound On A Coffee Buzz blog gives some thoughts on how to adopt social, and if you are ready.

Staring at a blank page. it’s Steve Browne. read it, it’s worth it!

The other “Avatar” movie. #HRCarnival 2010

Thanks to our technology platform sponsors.

After much asking, pleading,bullying, mentioning and twittering, the 2010 Video Edition of #HRCarnival is here. Thanks to everyone who contributed, sent out the message and made this possible.
Without sounding like an oscar speech, VERY SPECIAL THANKS to 2 people who have made this possible:
Lisa Scales from Talent On View who provided the technology. (Not only did Lisa provide the platform but she also spent christmas moving servers when her last provider fell over in order to ensure #HRCarnival could continue and for converting video submissions in various formats in to a format that can be posted here.) Thanks Lisa for all you have done!
Thanks also to Shauna Moerke, better known as H.R.Minion for continuing to organise the project in the background, making sure there is always a host and plenty of content. Like lots of minions Shauna makes both the Carnival and #H.R.HappyHour happen without enough recognition. We appreciate all you do at making us all look good!

Now to the show itself. I will be running 10 video’s per day in no particular order until we run out of video’s. (So far we have about 50.)
You can continue to submit your video HERE for inclusion. For those without a webcam or too shy for camera, I have a solution that means you can take part. Send me a 4-5 slide power point presentation with your picture, thoughts for 2010 and contact details. We will do the rest to turn it in to video and include your thoughts in the 2010 #HRCarnival.

Competition Time:
To make things interesting I will be running 2 competitions each day. You can nominate a video of the day for Best Video and Best Message. At the end of the Carnival I will run the 5 video’s in each category that get the most votes. (1 vote per day in each category per person.) To vote leave your nomination in the comments section.

The winning videos will be screened at #Trulondon 2 in February and the producer will win 2 tickets to a #TruEvent of their choice. You can choose from any of these events taking place globally in 2010 as well as the coveted title of #HRCarnival King/Queen.

Get voting!

Thanks for being ambassadors of both your brand and our community in general. Send for the popcorn and enjoy the show!

Video 1 is from Laurie Ruettimann, well known for her blog PunkRock H.R. and track leader for #trulondon2 in Feb.

Video 2 is from Benjamin McCall who blogs on H.R. and other matters at RethinkHR

Video 3 is from Wendy Jacob, Recruiter who recently launched the blog Wendy The Recruiter

Video 4 is from Raj Mennon who responded to a twitter post. Raj blogs on leadership on his blog 13 apples. A new one to me but now in the reader!

Video 5 is from Jim Stroud. Jim shot this video over the Christmas break as you can see. Jim blogs, trains and makes video’s on recruiting, sourcing and all things social media and is a track leader for #truLondon 2. You can find Jim’s entertaining blog “The Searchologist.”

Video 6 is from Andy Headworth. Another shot over the Christmas break hence the hat and the first signs of a beard. (Do you call that “Green Shoots?”) . Andy is an influential blogger in the U.K. through his blog Sirona Says, was a track leader at #trulondon 1 where he inspired at least 4 new blogs out of would be bloggers (me included), and is a track leader at #truLondon 2.

Video 7 is from a recruiter known as the “Big Biller.” I refer of course to Jerry Albright who is often found (when not filling contracts, counting money or complaining about twitter) on most of the blogtalk radio shows. Jerry blogs at Jerry Albright, Staffing Artist where he also provides a range of downloadable resources free.

Video 8 is a double-header from Michael Long and Kelly Mitton. Michael is well-known for always wearing red shoes running the red shoe project (send Michael pictures of red shoes!) Don’t ask, have a look, and blogs as TheRedRecruiter. Kelly has recently graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in business and a concentration in Human Resource Management. Kelly blogs on H.R, Gen Y (unusually from a Gen Y perspective) and other things on her blog tHRyving.

Video 9 is from the recently announced top H.R. influencer (on line anyway) Mark Stelzner. Mark influences, among other places, through his must read blog Inflexion Point.

Video 10: Last but not least is reserved for the real queen of #HRCarnival, Shauna Moerke. Shauna keeps things ticking over as well as co-hosting hugely popular blogtalk radio show #HRHappyHour. Looking at Shauna’s blog, HR Minion, she is currently between contracts so if you have an HR opportunity in or around Minnesota look her up.

That ends today’s episode of #HRCarnival. We will be back tommorow with another 10 videos from the lucky dip that is my in box this year.. I hope you enjoyed these enough to come back. Why not save time looking for tweets and subscribe here for instant notification of the posting.

Two other things to look out for during this carnival. On Monday I will be hosting 3 blogtalk radio shows to look at the predictions from the videos. These go out in Australia and New Zealand at 6.00am – 7.00am GMT (5,00 PM Aus/7.00PM NZ), in the U.K. at 12.00 – 1.00.P.M. and in the U.S. at 6.00 – 7.00 PM GMT (1.00 – 2.00 EST). I will be publishing the dial in numbers and show links tomorrow.

Whilst we have H.R. attention on the Carnival, I will be publishing a special post for any H.R. or Recruiters currently job hunting. The story behind this is that I recently posted some detailed advice on another blog about how to promote yourself through social media. I’m going to reproduce these comments as a blog post and invite any H.R. professionals or Recruiters currently out of work to post links to their linked In profile or resume. Please take a look at the links and help if you can.

Thanks for watching. Keep the entries coming. You can record direct or upload HERE.
Be ambassadors of great HR/Recruiting!