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Viral #SocialRecruiting: The U.P.S. Road Trip

What does it take to make your recruiting  message viral? You want your message, and your opportunities to reach far and wide, particularly when you are hiring in large numbers. There has been plenty of discussion about whether gamification works, and if competitions and games attract players rather than candidates. I understand the critics point of view, but I’ve also seen some great examples that have countered the argument.

Mike Vangel of T.M.P. is an old friend of #Tru, having led a track on U.P.S.’s social recruiting efforts at #truBoston. I also got the opportunity to see him present at the Recruiting Innovation Summit. I have a lot of time for his thinking, and admire that he is very open in sharing the data behind the campaigns. I’m hoping we will be able to tempt him over to London in Feb for #truLondon5. U.P.S. have a great social recruiting story to tell.

Mike spoke to me recently prior to the launch of U.P.S.’s  “Road Trip” game on FaceBook, and I’ve been following this closely since the campaign launched on October 10′th.The game finishes on December 16′th, so I thought it was worth making a half time report, and it is so far so good. The game is aimed at recruiting seasonal driver helpers and part-time package handlers.

The concept of the game is that players enter by signing up for the UPS jobs newsletter and by voting for their favourite careers video, and sharing content or inviting friends to take part. The grand prize for the sweepstake, and it is a random draw, will be a gift voucher for Zappos up to the value of $2,000.00, with a weekly draw for a $100 voucher. The prize is up to $2,000 because the pot goes up the more likes the page gets. There’s currently 26,142 fans with the most important number, 782 people talking about it.

I see the “talking about” number on a fan page as being far more important than fan numbers, because this represents how many people are actively engaging with the page, whether its liking, sharing or commenting. 782 is particularly high for a careers page, so the campaign is obviously working.

Mike Vangel

When you first visit the U.P.S. jobs page, the landing page is a countdown clock to the end of the road trip, a promo logo and a button to enter and find out more about U.P.S. Jobs. Once you enter, you are taking to a page with 26 video’s to choose from or vote on, video’s from opportunities for women through to senior managers getting interviewed. Each video has a button to vote for your favourite, and an opt out button to share the video to your wall. This is a great way to promote the full career video catalogue and give potential employees to choose those that closest match their area of interest, from the corporate stuff like diversity, through to individual job types. Checking on the U.P.S. YouTube Channel, the viewing figures have grown considerable since the start of the competition, with the most popular of the video’s topping 5,000 views.

Once you’ve entered, you can invite friends to the sweepstake either via your wall or by invites. You get your friend list and earns another chance in the draw. What I like about this game is that it is simple to follow and enter. From the headlines I have been given by Mike when we spoke last, it has already been very successful at building up the talent network. (A talent network is people signed up for notifications of jobs and updates.) Applications for jobs are well up, both through the campaign and the work4labs application on the U.P.S. Jobs page. Promotion has been entirely through shares, Facebook and Twitter with no paid for media. It has been an undoubted success for U.P.S. in hiring seasonal staff and getting the message out there. Hats off to U.P.S. and Mike Vangel on this campaign.

The U.P.S. Jobs Sweepstake

Mike Vangel

Hard Rock Firenze Wins Award For #SocialRecruiting

Readers of this blog will be aware of the story of Hard Rock Firenze, and how they hired 120 people, with the whole process taking just 4 weeks end to end. The whole campaign was run entirely in Facebook, making it probably the most succesful recruiting project of its type. We thought it was great, and now it has been honoured with the “Recruiting Award For Excellence In Social Networking Efforts”. The award was collected by the person who deserves the most credit, Alison McCue, the regional training manager for Hard Rock (Europe), who collected the award tonight in Chicago.
I first met Alison when she ran a track on the school of Hard Rocks at #truLondon about a year ago. After talking social at the event, I met a few times with Alison to look at how Hard Rock could integrate social in to their recruiting efforts. We shot some video interviews with the staff in the London flagship store, and looked at the best way to promote what is a great employer brand. Hard Rock and Facebook go hand in hand. The target audience lives there, and the venues lend themselves to individual fan pages.

Alison McCue

My view is that the best way to recruit via Facebook is by building pages around the business and adding the opportunity to apply for jobs if they choose to.
For this project, Work4Labs provided the perfect solution, offering both the apply tab that made it simple to post jobs and apply within Facebook, share and like jobs, and all the cool features you would exact, supported by the dynamic interest targeting feature, that selects and automates Facebook advertising by each job.

This combination brought over 1000 fans to the page within 24 hours, and a total of 10,222 fans over 4 weeks, and over 4000 job applications during the 2 weeks of the live recruiting campaign.

From these applications, 700 people were invited to book interview slots via a dedicated Eventbrite site, running the interviews as an event. 600 interviews were booked and confirmed over 3 days, with all conversation and questions taking place on the fan page wall.

600 hopeful candidates attended interviews over 3 days, 20 per hour, resulting in all 120 hires, with a great back up list. The page has since gone from strength to strength, promoting the venue, and now has an active fan base of 37,000 fans, with regular applications for future employment opportunities still coming in.

We had a few sleepless nights, and not everything worked as we hoped, but thats the fun of doing something for the first time. You learn by “test practice”, fix as you go, innovate, and through blood, sweat and tears get to the end result.

The hiring objective was smashed at a fraction of the cost spent on previous campaigns, and ahead of schedule.  It’s brilliant that ONREC have chosen to recognise this campaign with the award. The real credit goes to Alison McCue who took the risk, staking such an important campaign on a switch to social, and the Hard Rock team who did all the hard work interviewing. I’m proud that the seeds of the plan came from #truLondon, (it shows why everyone should attend a #tru event!), and for being a part in this story.

I will be sharing this story at #truSA in Johannesburg onthe 9′th November and CapeTown on the 11′th November, as well as the free talent conference TalentWorks2011 in Miami on 16′th November. Hope to see you there, and well done again to Alison and the team!


Hard Rock Firenze