What I like about punk music is the way it instantly levelled the music scene. In my opinion, punk’s underground music revolution that meant it was no longer about your technical musical ability – it is about attitude and message; a kind of distributed musical creativity for the disaffected. In a lot of ways, it’s not the music itself but the thinking behind the music – the movement, that’s compelling.
Is there currently a leadership revolution underway? Could we be participating in a new style of global distributed leadership driven by branded internet platforms, mobile devices, and applications? Is social media handing leadership from the “leaders” to the collective; and what does that mean for the world? Could it mean that it’s no longer about your business, political or social credentials, rather your attitude and message?
Or it could be that you feel that very little has changed in the world of leadership and we are still grappling with the same fundamental issues? Hey, I thought the punk analogy illustrated a point of view. It’s likely there are a number of points of view on a question I am researching as I complete the final stretch of my MBA – has social media impacted leadership, and if so – how?

Richard with Paul Jacobs

When Bill Boorman suggested to me he run a track at TRUBoston discussing this very question I jumped at the chance. Bill will run a track on Wednesday July 20 between 3.45pm and 4.455pm EST – the conversation will be streamed on Twitter via #Tchat so everyone can join in. I’m really looking forward to the conversation!

Richard Long is Talent Acquisition Leader at Deloitte NZ and is in the final stretch of an MBA through the University of Auckland.