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Facebook mobile with @ChoRichard

There are 900 million objects on-line we interact with. Theres over 7 mn apps and websites that integrate with Facebook. Social makes the web experience exponentially better, according to Richard. There are 20 Mn applications installed on Facebook every day. There are 350 million mobile users on Facebook. most access Facebook more than they do via P.C.

Why is mobile important for mobile?

mobile takes social everywhere. Facebook see mobile as the extension of “us”. When people you trust send you job opportunities, you tend to believe it. When respective employers evaluate you as a person, not a job title, opportunities are created on both sides. The digital profile is making this possible.
Mobile makes job searching by location easy.
The numbers of users show that not thinking mobile is no longer an option. Last up richard showed time line. I love this, and mobile updates will only increase the content for curation. Exciting times!