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6 Cool Tools with @Fishdogs and @BillBoorman #TalentNet

Sometimes, when your spending time with friends, it’s good to just fire up the camera and ask a question for a one take video. We are going to be running the Cool Tools session at #TNL in Austin on Friday, before venturing in to the geekfest that is #SXSW.
This is our one take on our top 3 cool tools at the moment.

What would be your top 3 cool tools?



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How to build a recruiting desk.

I made this video for Next Level training in Dallas about 14 months ago, for Next Level Training, the training exchange. it has taken a while to get an airing, (due to all the other great content available.)
I think this 5 minute snippet gives you a good idea of some of what I believe in. Building a desk that supports a specialist recruiter requires some basic disciplines.
What do you think?