This weeks shout out goes to my friend and Dutch recruiting entrepreneur Rob Van Elburg. If the Simpsons ever wanted to feature a Dutch guy in an episode, I’m sure they would base it on a character like Rob, once met he is never forgotten.
Rob leads a busy life. He co-owns IT recruiters Rave-cruitment, a business he started in 2000, recruits internally for ING Bank, trains IT recruiters at the Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie, and organises the annual Recruitment Industry Dance Event. (Known as #RIDE.)

If you have never been to #RIDE, it is a unique event that attracts over 1000 in house and agency recruiters to the center of Amsterdam for an evening of networking and dance. It is a tribute to Rob that he manages to attract high level sponsors to support the event including monster.Com and LinkedIn. This is one event that I always look forward to attending.

Rob has a history in IT recruiting dating back to 1992, which spans full desk recruiting, in-house and RPO. Away from the dance floor Rob is a serious recruiter with a great ability to source globally, with expertise in sourcing and relocating candidates across continents. He thinks outside the box in his approach to sourcing talent, and is known for finding candidates no one else is talking to.

One good example of Robs thinking is that he ditched his recruitment database over 5 years ago, believing that the whole of LinkedIn and the internet was his database. Whilst this might be a bit more common today, it raised plenty of eyebrows at the time. He is also known for taking a guerilla approach to marketing, through things like his video The Real Headhunter (don’t watch whilst eating), and launching #RIDE to connect his relocation service with recruiters across Europe.

Away from the office, Rob has a one year old daughter, who I know gives him plenty of inspiration to keep being creative. I’m grateful for Robs company and friendship. He is the real community DJ!


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