Mark Rice runs brilliant social recruiting campaigns for clients. Campaigns that get people connected and hired, and campaigns that get recognised by peers and win awards. The latest award was the #CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards. The business that Mark is co-founder and Creative Director of, the iconic Andsome People, was nominated in 4 categories (2 for best use of social-media), winning best employer brand for the EAT Campaign, and best diversity initiative for ITV. An award ceremony doesn’t go by without Andsome scooping a few awards.

Rice boasts an impressive honors board, having been nominated or won the following:

23 RAD Awards (UK)
15 CIPD Awards (UK)
17 GRAMIA Awards (UK)
5 PPA B2B Awards (UK)
2 Digi Awards (UK)
1 RBA (UK)
7 MARCOM Awards (US)
19 Communicator Awards (US)

He needs a big trophy cabinet.

I first came across Mark on twitter, as the name behind the @Andsomepeople account. When I first phoned him I didn’t know who to ask for, though we had exchanged messages for some time. Rice is a big fan of the hashtag, they feature in most of his campaigns. You can always find him around the #Socialrecruiting hash tag. If you click on the link for the website you get taken to the “We are Andsome” Facebook page. Rice made the decision to take down their website earlier in the year and move everything to Facebook because they are a social business.

What I like about the Andsome campaigns is that they are brilliantly simple and built around engagement. The backbone is usually an active twitter account, twitter chats on a hashtag and a busy Facebook page. Pages like THIS one for EAT. Careers Community, and THIS Twitter account  for ITV Experience. You can read more about these campaigns by reading all of the last weeks entries on the ANDSOME BLOG. Each of the posts are appropriately headlined: Recruitment is a social experience, which sums up the Andsome approach. Whilst other digital agencies might be coming up with work that has extra whistles and bells, and a flashier approach, it is Andsomes emphasis on engagement that is getting the results and winning the plaudits. You might also want to check out the campaign for ZiZi that involved heat cards, and the ITV scriptwriters that involved a brilliant and engaging competition. When you read the storys you will start to see the underlying themes adopted by Andsome, and it is all about engagement.

Rice co- founded Andsome in 1998, and the business has been growing ever since. During this time he has also spent 10 years as the Recruitment Guru, writing a regular column for HR Magazine, part of the Haymarket Group. He lists his specialities on LinkedIn as:

Employer branding – strategically and creatively.
Branding and Marketing – ditto the above.
Employee Engagement – offline and online.
Social Media Marketing – delivering brand awareness.
Social Recruiting – creating employer branded effectiveness.
Tweeter – about #recruitment, #socialmedia and #videogames.
Blogger – about social recruiting and employer branding.
Pinner – about social media, social recruiting and odd stuff
SCEE Beta Tester.
Gaining Achievements on Xbox 360 games :)

Before forming Andsome, Rice was Creative Director for Bernard Hodes UK for 2 years, Head of Art for MacMillian Davies for a year and Art Director/creative group head for Barkers Group for 2 years.

I always enjoy the time i spend with Mark, and our exchanges on-line. He has a dry sense of humour and an acid tongue. I’m always delighted when he takes part in #trulondon, and shares a few war stories. He is great company to be in, if you can get him away from his other passion, X-Box. If I was Dave Manaster and was drawing up a short list of speakers for ERE or RecruitingInnovation, i would be including Rice in that list, because he produces social recruiting that works, and can be emulated with an investment of time and effort, rather than big money.

Thanks Mark for the inspiration, I o0ften think “What would Rice do?”. Keep up the great work.