There’s always a lot of talk about building the elusive community. I think we are beginning to get there with the #tru events, so i know how much time and effort this takes. Communities need purpose, a firm foundation and activity. For a long time when your building them it can seem like you’re battling on your own, but you get a few wins and a few people happy to champion the community, contribute and support your events. In these days of social media building communities are much easier because it is so much easier to share content and get the message out. It’s also easier to create an on-line place to meet and share content, with channels like Facebook made for the purpose.

The first on-line community I got involved in was UK Recruiter, founded by Louise Triance in April 1998. At the time, the community consisted of a website and monthly newsletter. My first contribution was a series of reviews on psychometric tools when they were quite new to the market. They created a bit of discussion and I got a taste for on-line content. The discussion took place in the new forum section. Forums were the only place to have on-line discussions in those days, though most of the communication was around the newsletter. I’m grateful for my early involvement that gave me the later inspiration to build my own LinkedIn Group, and the rest is history. I know I’m not alone in this, and without UK Recruiter, who knows what the story might have been.

UK Recruiter today is the leading community based site for, as the name suggests, UK Recruiters. The website consists of a very active forum with  lively debate, and regular contributors. The  job board features a host of in-house and agency roles powered by Changeboard that gives recruiters the option to search jobs, upload a CV or broadcast their details to targeted businesses. Theres also a detailed recruitment suppliers directory, a paid for resources section, UK Recruiter Plus, that recruiters can sign up for £40 a year, and Louise’s own blog, providing industry commentary. 

In addition to on-line, Louise has steadily increasing the number of opportunities for the community to meet in person. These events have grown out of the quarterly networking get together’s, and now include specialist events like the technology showcase that takes place on the 24′th May in London, Recruitment Directors learning and networking that takes place in July and October, Practitioner only events in September and the end of year conference in November. These events have gone from strength to strength, and have further built the community through in person meeting. it has been great to see what the recruiters have always viewed as “their place” going from strength to strength.

During the last 15 years, Louise has been the driving force behind the community, and an integral feature of the UK recruitment scene. Away from the community, Louise is  qualified to level A and B by the British Psychology Society and conducts assessments and training on a wide range of instruments, as well as being a busy Mum.

Prior to founding UK Recruiter, Louise spent over 7 years working with Highfield Human Resources in a variety of roles. It is this recruiting background that I think helps separate her from other pure journalists. She is really a recruiter building communities for recruiters. Louise is always found on twitter, and is constantly connecting others and helping outside of the site.

I know this will be a popular shout out. Thanks Louise for all you have done and are doing to support the UK Recruitment Community.


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