This Sunday shout out is an easy one to do, for my friend and often co-collaborator Jonathan Campbell. I first met Jonathan when he turned up a few years ago at #truManchester with his business partner Vince O’Donnoghue. at this time Jonathan was a Director with Select People from Ireland. I was interested in Select People because they were based in the emerald isle, but much of their business was in the Cayman Islands and other global conversations. It was easy to notice that Select People were different. Campbell and O’Donnoghue were one of the new breed of recruiters who had scrapped the old recruitment model of having a database and offering the best candidates from that pool, but viewed the whole of the internet as their database, employing data search techniques to find people.This is how Select People describe their services on their website:

“Select People Ltd is a specialist headhunting firm accepting international assignments in Europe, the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, the Middle East and Asia. Whereas most recruitment companies work off a database of candidates within a particular sector or region, Select People’s “database” theoretically includes every person in the world with a phone or email account.”

From the tracks Campbell took part in at the Manchester event it was clear I had found a kindred spirit who wanted to do things a bit different. He was blunt and honest, and passionate about where recruiters might be able to go with this emerging world of social media.
After this first meeting, Campbell was keen to concentrate on sourcing and social media full-time, and launched SocialTalent, to work with corporate companies on employer branding and direct sourcing, as well as developing training products for recruiters concentrating on internet sourcing. Campbell has a passion for sharing and making recruiters better at their craft. It has been great seeing this business progress.

Jonathan hosts the #TruDublin events, and has run popular tracks in London, Boston, Stockholm, Leeds and will be joining us at #TruHelsinki on September 4′th/5′th. I’m looking forward to seeing the discussion Jonathan is cooking up this time around. Campbell has a well deserved reputation as an entertaining and informative speaker on social recruiting topics, and is in demand ¬†at events in the UK and the US. He runs webinars that go out most Wednesdays, that are well worth tuning in for.

I have worked closely with Jonathan on most of the social recruiting implementation projects I get involved in, with SocialTalent delivering the internet sourcing modules as part of the recruiter training. SocialTalent offer extensive training in particular their open and in-house Black, Blue, Orange and Green belt internet sourcing certification. if you are interested in getting structured training in how to find those hard to locate people I would recommend looking them up.

Campbell’s background in recruiting goes back to 2003, starting out with Accreate Financial Search and Selection, running the industry and commerce desk for close to 6 years, before moving to Caymen and becoming the Operations Director for Beraud International, the leading recruitment and immigration business in Grand Cayman, a post he held for over 2 years, before teaming up with O’Donnoghue and setting up Select People in 2008. Campbell has remained involved in the Select People business since launching Social Talent in 2010.

I have worked with JC on many occasions over the last three years. He has had a lot to do with the success of #tru, and I hope we have done the same in the growth of Social Talent and brand Campbell. I’m looking forward to continuing to co-collaborate on many projects moving forward. He is a good friend, a great talent and easy company to keep.

Away from work, he is married to Gill and has a yound son who is already showing all the Campbell traits. Thanks for being a part of the last 3 years Jonathan, and here is to more Mojitos and continued success.