I’ve been posting a series of updates on Facebook entitled “Said no one ever.” My reason for doing this was a reaction to things that happen on a daily basis in social media channels that just make me go grrrr. The irritating things the make you just ask why, They might be personal gripes, but judging by the reaction they have been getting, no one likes them, and you have to ask why the protagonists do it. These are my top 10 in no particular order.

“I’m going to change my political views and religious beliefs after your passionate updates.” Said no one ever.

“I really appreciate it that you include me in Facebook groups I have no interest in and update them often.” Said no one ever.

“It’s great that you tag me in pictures that aren’t me.” Said no one ever.

“I always go back to your Fanpage that I liked just to win an iPad.” Said no one ever.

“I always speak to strangers who pop up on Facebook chat and say hello, how are you?” Said no one ever.

“I always like a page from people I don’t know because they ask me to.” Said no one ever.

“I don’t mind that you suspect me when I try to follow you on Twitter, and you ask me to complete a TruTweet¬†registration.” Said no one ever.

“I buy from people who send me a sales message as soon as we connect on LinkedIn.” Said no one ever.

“I believe recruiters have a great job that is perfect for me when I get a LinkedIn message telling me so.” Said no one ever.

“I think it is great that people¬†recommend¬†their own blog posts on Twitter as a really useful read.” Said no one ever.

These are just the first ten off the top of my head. A bit of fun but a reminder if you do any of these things,

What are your pet hates in social? Go on, share them on a Sunday.