This weeks Sunday ShoutOut goes to my friend Kevin Grossman, who I first connected with about 3 years ago on twitter. Since then he has been a constant in most of the channels I hang out in. I’ve also met Kevin a few times in person and I’ve always enjoyed his company. Kevin has recently teamed up with Lucian Tarnowski at Brave New Talent as the Director of Product Marketing. I see Kevin as a great appointment for BNT, and I’m going to be following the growth of the platform now that the career development platform is taking shape.

Kevin is a marketing man in the HR/recruiting space, who was quick to adopt social technologies. In 2010 he teamed up with Meghan M Biro to launch the Talent Culture Community. Talent Culture is a community of bloggers on workplace culture and talent. It has been good to watch this community grow, starting with the blog and launching the hugely popular #TChat, which is one of the twitter chats that has lasted beyond the initial enthusiasm and continued to grow. TalentCulture continues to grow in terms of readership, contributors and popularity. I’m sure that Kevin’s marketing expertise and personal network has had a lot to do with this.

Kevin’s background is in marketing to the HR sector, helping bring products to market. Prior to joining BNT, Grossman was Chief Strategy Officer at Fisher Vista, LLC and where he led their strategic B2B marketing and business development initiatives. I also advise HR and other B2B suppliers on marketing best practices and marketplace positioning. One of the more interesting products in the portfolio was SocialEars, the social listening product that provides conversation analysis in the HR space. Grossman was also advisor to start-up JobsEscrow, who are introducing an innovative service linking recruiters with employers, changing the fee model for third-party recruiters. This is an interesting service that may well prove to be disruptive, and launches later this year.

Grossmans experience in the HR/Recruiting community stretches back to 1996. He has seen the marketing focus grow from e-mail to social, and the growing importance of the HR community as a whole, brought together globally through social. Not being a marketing man, it is useful to have someone in my network who thinks and communicates in marketing terms, whilst evolving his thinking in line with technology. I have learnt a lot from Grossman, and rarely miss a #TChat. TalentCulture is one of the few real communities.

I’m glad to call Kevin a friend, and I look forward to toasting his new role at #truSanFrancisco next Thursday. He manages to mix a little rebelliousness with some sound HR thinking in all his content. He is not afraid of straight talking in his chat. Thanks Kevin for all your contributions,