#trulondon sponsor and social recruiting evangelists Brave New Talent have secured significant funding for growth from venture capitalists Northzone Ventures and angel investors Pierce Casey and Mike Bourne.
Along with the cash, co-founder and partner of Northzone, Bjorn Stray will be joining the board, bringing with him extensive experience of the online recruitment sector.

Bjorn Stray said of the investment in Brave New Talent: ““The evolution of

Bjorn Stray

online recruitment from the job board model to a social recruiting model is something I have expected for some time. I have considered many opportunities both from Stepstone’s perspective and Northzone’s perspective, but BraveNewTalent is the first one I felt had real potential to change the industry. It is our aim to fully deliver value to employers and job seekers, and in doing so develop BraveNewTalent into a billion dollar market leader.”



Pierce Casey (on the right)

Angel investor Pierce Casey, current Chairman of Norman Broadbent also commented : “From my experience in the recruitment sector it is clear that Global HR Directors are seeking a social media tool that is now being offered by BraveNewTalent.”


Thats a lot of confidence (backed up by hard cash) in Brave New Talent and its founder, Lucian Tarnowski.

Since the launch of the Brave New Talent Facebook app last year, they have been growing steadily and winning business with global brands such as IBM, Tesco, L’Oreal and McAfee.


Lucian Tarnowski

The original concept behind the business, which the effervescent  Lucian Tarnowski launched whilst still a student at Edinburgh University, was to bring the traditional milk round from off-line to on-line, allowing Students to follow and engage with companies via Facebook.


The business has moved on considerably over the last 12 months, growing in size and stature. The real benefit to users is that they can sign up via Facebook and control what is open and accessible on their profile. Unlike rival networking tool Branch Out, there’s no spamming on their wall, it is a closed environment.

Brave New Talent are looking beyond recruiting with further plans to encompass education, (another area Lucian is very passionate about.) Given the story so far, and the increased investment and stewardship, i wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen quickly.

The company is hiring sales staff and increasing product capability. If your working in that space, they are well worth looking up. I will be following the launch of new features to the app over the coming month. I know the focus is on really opening up the engagement channels between job seekers and hiring companies. The plan is to expand globally starting with the US., social-media removing the barrier of geography.

Good luck to all the team, your dream is one step closer to reality.


Brave New Talent