I’m at #SHRM12 Atlanta along with 15000 other people crammed in to a huge auditorium,. I’m blooging live from the #DICELOUNGE with a gang of bloggers.. It looks more like a rock concert the logistics have been fantastic, with over 700 volunteers making sure all the guests are looked after. Rice opens by talking about how 9/11 changed Americas perception of security, and how the global recession has had the same effect in destroying a sense of long term security.Rice says that at the moment she feels a sense of people being tired. Worn down by wars, unemployment and debt. She is an inspiring speaker as you would expect.

Rice talks passionately about the need to solve the problem of education, She feels that it hasn’t mattered in the past where you came from, but where your going, and that the education postcode lottery is damaging this principle. The United States has been the best at creating opportunity for all, but that the standard of education in some areas is threatening this. Only 70% of young people can now pass the test to join the army.

Rice tells her own story, of how she started out in the state of Alabama, ¬†as a child where the places she could eat were restricted due to race. She was brought up with a belief that she would have to be twice as good to get ahead, and that was presented as a point of fact rather than an opinion. What she recognised was that she was given the opportunity to learn by a good quality of education. She feels this is what needs fixing in society, to close the gap between academic standards and what is needed to create opportunity. Depriving people of this is what will create a generation without hope, and with that, civil unrest. It’s a big point, and one that applies across the world. The future lies in tapping in to all human potential, and this will only come by giving everyone access to high quality education to get them started.

I feel inspired by Rices opening, and look forward to what is coming, Thanks to @employersondice for the opportunity.


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