A quick post from Amsterdam, where I have been spending time networking and presenting to the excellent Recruiters United Group. More on that later this week.
In this post I want to refer you to the excellent video content over at my friend Jim Stroud’s channel. I’ve spent time with Jim at #truLondon (I want him back), and a-in Australia for #ATCSource, so I know his content on sourcing is right up there along with the best.
What I like about Jims videos is:
1: They are personal and funny. jim talks to you.
2: they are among the top sourcing content and quick tips around.
3: Jim uses embeded links in video. I love this technique for presenting a video call to action, like join our talent network, direct from thee video.
4: They are regular and consistent, with good quality editing.
Thanks Jim, for all you do. If you haven’t signed up for the channel yet you should do. Here’s Jims latest offering, with a mention for yours truely!

Happy viewing,