I’m not normally one to write memorial tributes, or mourn or speak of the passing of an icon as if I knew them. In 20 years time I’m unlikely to remember where I was when Steve Jobs died. I will for certain remember who Steve Jobs was. I will no doubt be using products he inspired.
I’m not yet an Apple groupie, but I don’t own a Mac (yet). I don’t even own an i-phone, though I do have an i-pad and an i-pod.
When you look at how Jobs ran his companies, and you read the leadership manuals on what it takes to be succesful, the two seem incompatible.That I think, is the biggest lesson from his life. Job’s did all the things everyone else said couldn’t be done. He wasn’t deflected by negative comment or criticism, and he ran his companies the way that he wanted to.
In terms of product, he was an inspiration in innovation. Whether it was making things smaller, faster, easier, Jobs always found a solution to the consumers problems, often before the consumers even knew what the problem was.
I think his legacy is going to be a culture of innovation around the world. In an age where invention and development has never been more prevalent, Jobs stands out, and his products do the talking.
The world is a much more inventive place because of him, and our tribute will be how well we follow his example, take risks and let single-minded belief in solutions drive what we do.
The Apple.Com website said it all. No long monologue or announcement., just a black and white image of the man, and a link to the words below:

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email rememberingsteve@apple.com

Quite a testament. RIP Steve Jobs, thoughts are with your friends and family. Thanks for the innovation, invention and inspiration.