I spotted this post for a paid intern in the stream this morning that i wanted to share with you in case you know anyone suitable. Theres a few things that stand out about this post that makes it worth a serious look.

Firstly, it’s working with Paul Harrison from Carve Consulting. I have a lot of time for Paul. he takes part in most of the #tru events and really knows his stuff. he has been an advocate of employing paid interns (or twinterns) and has had a lot of success in working with interns to develop a social media infrastructure for businesses. I know that with Paul, the training will be top dollar and the succesful interns will be working at the forefront of social media thinking, particularly in the area of social dashboards and listening. (If you are unsure of what either of these terms mean, Paul will be covering them at the #tru Masterclass and #trulondon!).
The other thing that stood out for me is that the internship will be based on-site with an executive recruiting firm, MRL. It’s good to see another recruiting firm getting serious about social and investing time, money and resources in developing a real social presence. Interestingly, a key aspect of the role is developing the recruiters in the business to engage with candidates and clients via social channels. I know from experience that this is no easy task but the objective shows the intent to integrate social recruiting in to the heart of business practice, rather than leaving it to a team of interns to do all the communication and expect the results to flood in.
For somebody based around the Brighton area (or even willing to move), this presents a real opportunity to learn and develop a career in either social media or social recruiting.
I have worked with twinterns before with some of the recruitment businesses I work with. managed, supported and developed correctly, it’s a route that can be really beneficial for everyone. You can apply direct to Paul for details, or if you want to forward any contact details to me, i will gladly pass them on. I think it is a great opportunity for someone, and should be shared in your networks.


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