I’ve noticed a trend recently for a new style of applicant tracking systems, aimed at the smaller employer, both in pricing and functionality. At #truDublin I got introduced to the latest offering from Zartis, that was then in beta. Last week I got another look when they launched the mobile version of the site. It’s no frills, but ideal for a small business who have limited hiring requirements over a year, but want to manage the campaign effectively without breaking the bank. (Free for up to 3 jobs, $9.95 a month for over 3 jobs, and $499.95 for up to 20 open jobs at any one time.
Zartis is built for social. Once a job is posted to Zartis, theres easy sharing options in individual networks, with easy analytics to track what is working. Jobs are also shared on Trovit, Simply Hired and Indeed.Com as they are added.
For smaller businesses without a dedicated career site, there’s a simple option to either build a site from template, which is as easy as putting together a WordPress blog, or a widget to add careers pages to an existing site or fan page.
I really like the look of the widget because the jobs and application process sits seamlessly on the page.Candidates will feel they are on the same site, even though the application process takes them elsewhere.
The widget plugs in to WordPress blogs, combining the opportunity to apply with relevant content.
This is an area that I think could work really well for companies looking to provide more than the standard job spec. A series of posts on a job, dept, company, video and interview content, with the option to apply will really help with response, and a blog post is more likely to attract the elusive passive candidate, over a job ad. A bit of effort, content and creativity and I see real opportunity.
Zartis also plugs in to Facebook fan pages, adding jobs to the brand or community page covering all avenues.
The new mobile site completes the offering. The pages are all mobile compliant, with two ways to apply. Zartis have incorporated an apply with LinkedIn feature which works a bit better than LinkedIn’s own apply button. It’s a simple one click function, exporting the detail from a candidates LinkedIn profile in to the A.T.S, making mobile applications a reality.
Another neat, but simple feature of the zartis mobile site offers candidates the opportunity to mail the job to an e-mail address, with reminders if the application isn’t completed. Nothing special with this, but the difference with Zartis is that once a candidate mails a job to their in-box, the recruiter gets a notification enabling them to check who the candidate is from their on-line profiles, to follow-up those of interest if the application doesn’t materialise. Quite useful when you consider how many candidates must mail themselves jobs from the mobile then forget to apply.
In the application process employers can set screening questions on a single screen, although I would suggest keeping this light. Applications are easy to track, follow and action from a single screen.
I really like what Zartis have done, in designing this small business A.T.S., built for social with the candidate in mind. Take a look and see what you think.