On Wednesday 23′rd September 2009, at around 2.00pm, I first got the idea to run an unconference around recruiting and HR themes in the UK. I remember the date well because I was in Toronto at my first unconference, wearing a suit and sitting under a tree talking about of all things, the candidate experience. After early trepidation, I just loved the concept and the move away from the traditional conference. I had no grand vision of where I wanted it to go, but this was the moment that #tru, the recruiter unconference was born.
On return to the UK, I set about putting the first event together. I had no money, no venue, no track leaders, no blog or website or anything. Just an idea and twitter.I was a bit different in the way I was networking at that time. Without going all x factor, it has been a hell of a journey, and I’m loving every minute of it.
There’s been 12 events since, and over 1200 attendees, from London to Boston in the USA. People have come from 16 different countries and 4 different continents, and it all started with a tweet.
None of this would have happened without the support of JobsiteUK. they are the platinum sponsor of all of our UK events. More importantly, looking back, jobsite brought some legitimacy to the unconference concept.  It’s a hard concept to sell. No fixed outcomes or learning points in a brochure. No presentations. I think you really need to attend to fully appreciate what you get out of a 2 day event that has no fixed structure.

Jobsite have also helped with track leaders like Felix Wetzel, who has been really open in giving access to all their research and data to attendees . I still feel very fortunate to have the number of people willing to fly around the world to share their story, experience and expertise as both track leaders and attendees.I’m sure having a brand like Jobsite associated with the event has helped in this.Jobsite also understand the concept of no real advertising and definitely no pitching. Try selling that concept to sponsors, we want your money to make the event happen but we don’t want you selling to anyone!Thanks to all at Jobsite for your continued support, belief and encouragement. You have made this possible!

I asked Sodexo’s VP for talent attraction Arie Ball, why she got on a plane from the US most months and sent Senior Recruiters. Arie replied that she doesn’t get massive revelations, but she leaves each event with a host of smaller detail that she can put in to action immediately, as soon as she gets back to her team.I think this is because everyone attending is involved and active in hiring people and have real life experiences to share. The unconference conversation allows you to pick your conversations for what you need rather than being shoe-horned in to a schedule. 

On August 24′th and 25′th,  I’m off to Bucharest for #truRomania, which is our first venture in to Eastern Europe, then it’s back to the UK for #TruLondon on the 1′st and 2′nd September. We have a great line up including Jobsite sponsored track leaders Jason Lauritsen and Master Burnett, as well as Kevin Wheeler, Arie Ball, Matthew Jefferey, Jamie Leonard, Mervyn Dinnen, Bill Fischer, Andy Hyatt, Gordon Lokenburg, Charlie Duff, James Mayes, Hung Lee,Etienne Besson, Dave Martin, Chris Bradshaw, Ricky Wheeler, Lucien Tarnowski, Tristan Greaves, Lisa Scales, Jorgen Sundberg, Rob Van Elburg, Patrick Boonstra, Max Hayward, Martin Couzins, Michelle Rea, Steve Ward, Johnny Campbell,the #TruGrad Alumni, #TruGrads, Ivan Stojvanovic, Peter Cosgrove, Oscar Mager, Michael Wallace, Ed Hendrick, Pete Linas, Lisa Jones and more. There will be plenty of case studies, a product review area,live streaming hosted by Jobsite with well known editor of Recruiter Magazine Dee Dee Doke as the host.

We’ve also teamed up with Rob Van Elburg of #RIDE, the recruitment industry dance event, to host #truRIDE, their first event away from Amsterdam. you can join 300+ recruiters, live DJ’s and other entertainment from 7.00 – late. It’s going to be a very cool event at The Lane Bar, the same venue as #truLondon. To win a ticket, all you need to do is tweet “I want a ticket for #trulondon #RIDE “. The first 100 tweets win a ticket to #RIDE only, if you attach the link http://trulondon4.eventbrite.com/. Get tweeting!

Thanks also to #trulondon sponsors:




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And of course our Platinum Sponsors Jobsite

See you in Romania and London, thanks for coming on the journey so far!