I’m blogging live from recruitment reinvented in Sydney. The first speaker is Jeremy Langhans, now of Expedia, formerly of Starbucks. The title of his talk is “engagement is king.” Jeremy is a story-teller, and he has a great story to tell. Langhans reduced global spend on third-party recruiters by 100% over two years whilst at Starbucks.

Langhans contends that if the number one thing for a company is to engage with their employees, then the number one thing for a recruiter is to engage with talent. Langhans holds a belief that:

“Content is queen. Engagement is king.”

E.V.P. is very traditional, but C.V.P. (candidate value proposition) was a new way of thinking. Focusing on what is the benefit to you of being a candidate, and how do we communicate that.

For Langhans this begins with web experience, and making sure that is portable and responsive. The web is usually the first point of connection, and the beginning of the relationship. At Starbucks this meant building a responsive web design, then proving the concept of social media for hiring. The C suite buys results, whilst recruiters respect concept.

Langhan has an inherent belief that candidates are customers. The same people who queued up in the store were the same people who went to the career site to look at jobs, and got hit with a straight no when they applied. Companies work very hard at acquiring and keeping customers, and when you look at candidates as customers it changes your view on how you treat them.

In social channels, Langhans works a model of 4 culture posts to 1 job. finding the right channels and places is about trying everything in small doses then going with what works. This is going to be different for everyone. Langhans describes engagement as spending plenty of time hitting the reply button. It is a good and simple matrix to follow.

His time model is:

> 70% of time in core channels

> 20% in new channels

> 10% experimentation and exploring

Brand is defined as “What is unique and consistent.” The rules for culture brand and employer brand should be no different. Consistently treating candidates well, and talking in public places. He has a brilliant approach to getting employees talking in public. Langhans is a genius and doing simple things well, with candidates at the heart of everything. You should connect and message him. You will get a reply!