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I was checking in on some of my usual fan pages.just looking at the content that makes a real community, rather than a notice board, when I came across this video short promoting a whole new low-budget movie that is in production. so low in fact,the budget was £0!

The movie is called “What would Ridley do?” . Inspired by a statement from Ridley Scott about just going out and shooting movies, Fergus Johnson has done just that.He has set up a fan page and a YouTube channel under the name of DigitalGuerillas. I love the whole concept of a no budget social adventure.
You don’t need big budgets, design agencies or anything else to produce something that is both good, and viral in message.

This is the trailer.

I’ve actually met Fergus. He won’t remember me but I remember him because he is a server at Hard Rock London and he served my table when I visited with my kids not so long ago. I remember Fergus because of the time he took with my children talking and showing them a few special bits of memorabilia, and as we say in social, what goes around, comes around.

On the subject of Hard Rock.I’mgoing to be running the blog squad for Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park on the 24′th -26′th June. I don’t mind admitting that I have got quite giddy about this one, with performances from a host of great acts from Bon Jovi,Rod Stewart, The Killers, Jamesand many more.There’s also going to be 40,000 people in the park celebrating over the 3 days.

My plan for the blog squad is simple. There’s going to be plenty of coverage for the artists, it’s the people and their experiences that really interest me.They are the ones with the real story. That means 300+ pictures, audio-boo or video, all tagged and posted on Facebook for each blogger. 300 stories. 300 emotions, all coming together in one place.

With each Facebook user averaging 135 fans, that’s a massive potential reach for photo’s, with every picture telling a story. you can do your own maths as to the brand coverage. I take my lead from the DigitalGuerillas, with a camera and imagination, anything is possible!

As an added extra, to mark 4 years of Hard Rock in London, the team will be giving away 40 free tickets to Hard Rock Calling, as well as plenty of other cool prizes. The prizes will be given away from various London locations, announced over the next 10 days on the twitter account @HardRock or via the Hard Rock Calling page on 4Square. Checkit out and follow the instructions, this really is going to be a ball!

With social,anything is possible if you use your imagination, your content can take you anywhere. Let your content tell your story!


PS: Here is Ridley’s movie that inspired the story

Don’t let the blog snobs stop you doing anything by making you wait for awesome or excellent! just do it!


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