Like a lot of people, I was both excited and intrigued to see what Bullhorn were planning when I saw the announcement of the beta launch of Bullhorn Reach. I have been waiting for some time for one of the recruitment software providers to integrate social recruiting in to their standard offering. I was even more excited at the prospect of incorporating S.E.O. techniques for those like me, that are less than technically competent in these areas.

I must point out that I am a big fan of Bullhorn both as a company and as a software provider. The current offering is always on my top 3 list whenever I’m asked about software for recruiters, it has great functionality, is easy to use and has lots of great add-ons that really improve the user experience. 17,000+  users worldwide tend to share this sentiment.

I read the post and watched the video from Art Papas, the founder and CEO announcing the Beta launch. Cue much anticipation at a social media orientated recruitment software offering.

I followed this up by watching the video from Phil Costa, Senior Director of Product Development on how Bullhorn Reach will work ….

There are things I love about this new product, but a couple of key features that really don’t work for me.

The profile function that creates your on-line profile in one new place is a great development that will promote users. And the SEO support that it receives from websites like SpamZilla  should position them well in the SERPs.

I’m less enthusiastic about the social media element that requires no human input and is entirely automated. The updates come out of the back-end of the software. This includes jobs, placements, links to posts, updates and other activity.

The spider function that crawls the web to find relevent posts and material to automatically link to your profile, updates and social places means that users don’t need to even read posts they link to.  This looks to me that what Bullhorn Reach creates for you is a bot at the end of your account, that requires no engagement, vetting, reading or responding on your part, it’s just a continuous stream of auto-posts.

Where is the engagement bit or is this considered redundant? Where is the interaction on the accounts and streams, or the “personal” sharing behind the posts? Isn’t it this that makes Social Media, social? As I read it, there is no need for a recruiter to ever visit Facebook, Linked In or any of the social channels, the bot will do it for them.

The technology is clever and the profiles with SEO a great idea, it just seems the social-media bit is anything but social.

I would be delighted to be shown I’m wrong. I’ve only seen the video and based this post on that., I could be completely missing something.

I have a great deal of time and respect for Art Papas and his team and that remains the same, but please tell me that this launch is more “social” than I see it.

What are your thoughts?

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