I recently had the pleasure of hearing Kevin Blair, Head Of recruiting, EMEA delivering a presentation on how Oracle’s 60 recruiters across the region had adopted social media in to the recruiting mix. Theres a blog coming with more detail later this week.
I spoke to Kevin today about a new role Oracle EMEA have just created. It doesn’t have a title yet so I’ve made one up that I think best describes what they are looking for.
The brief is to get full adoption of social media by the 60 recruiters who serve the business across the region, by leading the implementation of social places and encouraging adoption through training and influence.
The role will probably be based in Eastern Europe, with the flexibility for regular travel across the region. It’s much more about the individual though, who will be well-connected with a track record in social recruiting.
I don’t have any detail on salary or benefits, i’m not acting as a recruiter.I’m sharing the job because I think it is a fantastic opportunity, if I wasn’t unemployable I’d want to do it myself!
If you are interested in finding out more, contact Kevin Blair directly. I’m not going to list his contacts,if you can do this job you will find him!
Good Luck,