I met with a client this morning based in Herts to talk about recruiting for technical staff, and where they might be able to integrate social recruiting in to the process.
Central to their thinking (and also their growth), they are looking to hire a forward thinking HR Manager with a brief to set up and oversee Recruiting (via a talent-pool approach), Training and Development.
Most importantly, this is seen as a strategic role within the senior management team, with human resources being seen as central to the success of the company. Knowing how often many of my readers bemoan a lack of influence on the business in their current role, I thought this one was worth sharing.
I have a full job spec and more detail for anyone who wants it, but these are the headlines:

Key Purpose:

Manage and optimise a comprehensive HR service to the  Directors, Managers and staff.

Hands on management of all HR processes and functions to ensure consistency, continuity and effective HR service delivery in all areas. Working alongside Directors and Managers to provide advice and guidance on HR related topics and issues. Supporting and guiding the staff on relevant HR areas.

The Human Resource Manager role is key within the organisation and will make a significant contribution to the success of the business through the delivery of excellent outcomes focussed on recruitment, retention and training. The HR Manager will be proactive in their approach towards dealing with employees. Communication skills play an important role in maintaining the balance between the employee demands and the company obligations. The responsibilities in the field of human resource management are however unlimited, and the HR Manager should always be ready to make positive contributions in a dynamic work environment.

2. Key Accountabilities:

The HR Manager has responsibility for all of the functions that deal with the needs and activities of the organisation’s people including these specific areas of responsibility.

• Recruitment
Develop, manage and optimise a flexible and scalable recruitment process, using relevant media and other resources, to deliver suitably qualified and experienced candidates to meet the forecasted and actual business needs at best possible cost
o Follow agreed processes for recruitment authorisation
o Write and place job postings, manage inbound application processes, conducting interviews and making employee offers.
o From graduate/trainee level to senior people within the business
o Maintain strong business relationships with recruitment agencies, local organisations, educational institutions, job boards etc.
o Develop, manage and optimise a direct recruitment capability using Job boards, CV library’s and social media (such as LinkedIn and Facebook) to recruit, as appropriate.
o Develop, manage and optimise the induction and on boarding of staff from 1st day to successfully completing 6 months service.
• Guidance and Coaching – Develop, manage and optimise processes to guide the managers and other employees in matters related to career development, staffing initiatives, employee relations, workplace ethics and performance management.

3. Personal Skills and Attributes Wanted:

Understanding of the multifaceted role of HR in a small organisation. Knowledge and experience of how HR works in a medium or large company and ability to adapt this to a smaller organisation or experience of making this work in a smaller organisation.

3.1. HR and Business Skills Desired

• Existing HR practitioner with a minimum of 5 years experience

I have a detailed spec if anyone is interested in this post, as well as details on salary etc. I’m not acting as a recruiter, but will be more than happy to connect anyone interested in this role. What I like about this job is that the Director I met with is really keen to implement social recruiting and to establish an employer brand. Working in a real niche where the war for talent is apparent, they are committed to setting up a training academy for graduate entry, as well as being open to hiring from other fields based on consultancy skills and re-train in the technical areas. Central to this plan is getting the right HR Manager who can pull it all together and work with the senior management team on providing the human resource side of the plan.It was a refreshing change to talk to someone who ranked HR as critical to the success and growth of the business.

Get in touch with me if you are interested – bill@billboorman.co.uk