One of the things I enjoy most about travelling, talking and connecting with others who work in and around recruiting is getting the opportunity to see new technology that makes recruiting, compensation management, and HR better. Better for recruiters and HR professionals, and better for the employees and potential employees who have to use it in one way or another. In the quest for better, faster, quicker, it’s important to remember the people it is going to most affect. I get to see a lot of great start-ups and I work with a few on product development and adoption. The best tech companies adopt the belief that they are always in beta, and never the finished article. It is also critical that change and development is led by the users according to their behaviors and problems. Technology should solve real problems, rather than perceived ones, and be built to offer the users either something they don’t have, or something they can use better. There is a very thin line between innovation and imitation, and it is not uncommon now to find 4 or 5 start-ups all working on something similar which they believe is unique and the next big thing. It is rare for one person to recognize a solution to a problem when no one else is thinking the same thing. The challenge is to be first, be best or be different.

I’m delighted to be asked to host the European HRO Today iTalent competition, to be hosted as part of the HRO Forum on 13′th – 15′th November. The shortlisted companies will be invited to deliver a 10 minute presentation (including questions), that best demonstrates their technology and the solution they offer.

Entry is open to any technology company offering a new product in the HR or Recruiting space over the last 12 months, that is available in Europe. The size and age of the company is not important. There are no onerous rules about investors etc, and you don’t need to be a start-up (though this provides a great showcase for the lesser known names). You can be from any part of HR or Recruiting from payroll to learning and development.

The prize on offer includes:

  •  Face-time with the judging panel including investors.
  •  One-on-One meetings with attending HR executives.
  •  A feature article in HRO Today magazine promoting the winning company and the innovative technology.
  •  A free ad in an upcoming issue of HRO Today magazine.
  •  The top 10 entries will all be invited to contribute to the “Big Idea iTalent Feature” in the HRO Today Global Fall or Winter issue.

You can enter the competition HERE. It takes 10 minutes to fill out the form. Shortlisting starts in 10 days time, so you need to be quick. Looking forward to seeing your new tech and getting inspired by your big ideas.


PS: If you know any company that you think should be taking part, please forward them this post. Sharing is caring!