Every so often you see an application or a tool that is actually different. and is something you can use easily. The company is Smarterer, a Boston-based start-up who have just secured an additional $1.25Mn investment from True Ventures, Google Ventures and the About.Me founder Tony Conrad who joins the board of the business. This brings their total funding to $3Mn.

Smarterer gamify skills and knowledge testing for job seekers, developing tests through crowd sourcing, giving jobseekers a skill and knowledge level on a badge they can embed on any of their social places or resume. Companies can choose to either build their own tests or choose from the tests already available. Tests are scored using a smart ranking system that is intuitive. As questions get answered, they get ranked for difficulty according to how many people get it right and wrong. The more difficult the question, the higher the score attributed. Since November last year there’s been over 10,000,000 questions answered, which means the scoring, and recognition is gaining in value.

For a recruiter, the feature I really like is that you can simply embed tests on to any site with 2 clicks. Tests and interactive features on sites and social places (widgets embed in to fan pages as well as blogs and websites.), greatly increase the time spent on site. The gamification aspect encourages users to share tests with friends and compete, which brings more people back to your site to create Smarterer profiles. Questions come from users, so the more people completing a test, the more questions get added. This is crowd sourcing at it’s best!

The number of tests completed and created are only going to increase, with tests being integrated in to The Resumator, Bullhorn Reach and About.Me for starters. The more users, the more accurate the scoring, and the more accurate the scoring, the better they become for selection. The tests are crowdsourced and ranked by the users, and when they are growing at this rate, is there really a need to spend the vast sums asked for by some of the more academic assessment companies like SHL? Could be the assessment market is changing and moving to a more practical, intuitive, crowd sourced solution.

For a bit of fun, and to show you how the tests work, I’ve added the LinkedIn test below. It took me 30 seconds to embed. See how you get on and post your scores in comments.