I was sent this infographic from Monster which they put together after conducting research among job seekers, and what turns them off when deciding where to apply. Some of it is quite obvious, like spelling mistakes and ambiguous job titles. All of the research I’ve seen recently points to people only applying for jobs they feel they can do or will get an interview. This means the skills and experience required needs to be very clear in your job postings, whether it is in the social channels or on the job boards. There is no need to try to be over creative to get attention in the copy you are writing. A simple search on Monster in the UK found 146 current jobs listed as “Manger” and include postings from companies like Enterprise Rent-A-car and The Co=operative. These jobs won’t feature in searches for a manager’s job, or on e-mail alerts, which will have a major impact on response. Might be time to check your own postings to see what you are posting, and always get a second person to run a check.